PRT-4 Battery Adapter  4BA

©Brooke Clarke, N6GCE
Battery side of 4BA
4BA adapter
with 2 rechargable 9 V batteries
Adapter on PRT-4
w/o battery box


This battery adapter replaces the BA-399/U.  It has only been tested on the PRT-4 transmitter, but should also work in other applications.
There is enough friction between the socket and the PRT-4 that it stays in place without supporting the batteries from below.  It might be a good idea to add a piece of 1 3/8" x 2" cardboard to the bottom of the battery box so that if a large shock did knock the batteries loose they would not be lost.

It may be possible to use this adapter inside an old BA-399 cardboard wrapper so it would look like the stock battery.  Some stuffing would be needed below the two 9 Volt batteries.


This adapter is made by adding a couple of small printed circuit boards to the socket from a BA-399/U battery.  Each board has battery snaps that accept a standard 9 Volt battery.  By adding the extra boards the battery snaps sit level and the whole assembly is stronger than just the phenolic socket from the battery.

The batteries can be primary like alkaline or rechargeable like NiCad or NMH.

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