A6 C/A Coder

End is Labeled:

A-6    C/A CODER                        100-101117
N          L         J                             E  D  C  B  A
G          R        R                             T  T  T  T  T
r            e         e                              P  P  P  P  P
n            d         d


The C/A code is made up of the combination of two 1023 bit inear patterns G1 and G2i.  G2i is formed by delaying the G2 sequence by an integer number of chips between 5 and 950.

The sequence definations are:
G1 = 1 + X3 + X10
G2 = 1 + X2 + X3 + X6 + X8 + X9 + X10

I would expect to find logic that implements the algorighim shown in ICD-GPS-200 Fig.  3-11 C/A-Code Genertion on this board and the long variable delay line on the A7 Delay Line board.

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Beckman 899-1-R270 M SN74LS86N TI SN 74128N AM25LS07PC
TI SN74LS321 93S48PC AM25LS194APC DM74LS37N
SN74LS123N SN74LS133N AM25LS194APC 076-200058  - PROM?
header  rcrc---- Beckman  899-1-R1k AM25LS194ADC AM25LS163PC
blank 076-200059 - 93427pc PROM? AM25LS194APC AM25LS163PC
AM25LS378PC 076-200056 - 93427pc PROM? AM25LS194APC AM25LS163PC