Analog Devices ADXL202 2-Axis 2g Acceleration Sensor

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X-box ADXL202 demo
ADXL202 demo software

There is now a Analog Devices XL330 3-axis accelerometer. very low power & easy to interface.

see thePIC based G-Pendent web page for more.

Hardware - This is the new "A" Version ADXL202EB-232-A
There is a reset button. Provision to use Self Test (ST) at J3.  It is not clear if R1,Xcap & Ycap need to be installed to use the board? There is also a DB9(f) serial cable with a socket for a 4 pin 0.1" pitch header with pin # 3 blocked.  This fits the header on the board in only one way.  The board is powered by the Computer's serial port.  A Microchip Technology PIC16C63A-20I/SO microcontroller is used.

J1 Com Connector to supplied Cable

1    Power In -6 to -12 unregulated from computer RTS
2    Xmit Data to computer
3    Rec Data from computer
4    not used
There are some unused pads on the baord marked:



This program has three display modes, scren dumps shown below: There is a choice of EB202-RS232 or EB202-RS232-A. i.e. there is now an "A" version.


The CD-ROM has the following structure:
14 Feb 2006 - the Freescale MMA7260Q 3-axis Log G acceleration sensor with programmable ranges seems to have replaced this 2-axis fixed range sensor.

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