CA-67 Interface Unit Automatic Data Processing

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CA-67 Panel


CA-67 Connectors


These started showing up on eBay early in 2007.  This unit has the appearance of a military field phone.  It interfaces with a digital phone switch using two pairs, one for Tx data and one for Rx data.  It will not work on the Plain Old Telephone System.

The "Data Processing" name is because the CA67 contains a number of modem functions to allow connecting a computer into the digital telephone system.  When used in the Point to Point mode you could interconnect two computers

It can be used in the Point to Point mode where two CA-67s can talk to each other similar to the way you can connect two TA-1042 digital phones toghther.
CA-67 Close Up of Panel
Close Up of CA-67 Panel.

The screw driver shaft is marked:
PT/PT  <- this is the Point to Point mode

Using Point to Point Mode

1)      Set the PWR switch to the OFF position on both CA67's.
2)      Connect one CA67 directly to another CA67, connecting the XMT pair of wires from one CA67 to the REC binding posts of the other CA67 and the REC pair of wires of the first CA67 to the XMT binding posts of the second CA67.
3)      Connect both CA67's to a power source. 
4)      Set the MODE switch on both CA67's to the PT/PT position. 
5)      On one CA67, set the PWR switch to the ON position.  Within eight seconds after configuration is displayed, press and release the key marked "P" on the top panel keypad.
6)      Toggle all of the LED indicators to off with their corresponding keypad keys.
7)      Press and releae the key marked "R".  Only the LED indicators marked VOICE, ON-HOOK and IDLE should be on.
8)      Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 for the other CA67.
9)      Lift the H-350/U handset off-hook on one of the CA67's.  The LED indicator on that CA67 marked DIAL should go on.  The LED indicator on the other CA67 marked IDLE should go off, the LED indicator marked RING should blink, and the audible ring should sound.
10)     Lift the H-350/U handset off-hook on the other CA67.  The LED indicators on both CA67's marked VOICE, ON-HOOK and TRAFFIC should be on and the audible ring should go off.
11)     Two way voice communication through handsets H-350/U is now possible between both CA67's without activating the push to talk switch.


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