CV-483/URA-17 FSK Converter

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CV-483 Front
CV-483 Back


The URA-17 consists of a pair of CV-483 FSK converters.  A single CV-483 and one receiver can be used to receive RTTY signals or two receivers and two CV-483 converters can be used for diversity reception.  No seperate diversity combiner is needed when two CV-483 converters are used for diversity, they have A and B outputs and A and B inputs to allow cross connection.

All solid state construction with discrete transistors and printed wiring boards.

Navy receivers that might be used with the CV-483 include the RBA, RBB, RBC, SRR-11, SRR-12, SRR-13, WRR-2, WRR-3 or equivalent.  Teletype machine with 60 ma current loop needed to display single channel messages.  For 4 channel time division messages ? needed.


Narrow Shift 10 to 200 CPS with BFO 1 kc
Wide Shift 200 to 1,000 CPS with BFO 2 kc


Navships 0967-340-0010 Technical Manual for Comparator-Converter Group AN/URA-17C, Department of the Nave, naval Electronic Systems Command, 24 October 1968. Has the following major sections:


Related Equipment

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Digitech also made a modular rack mount Digital Data Generator test set
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