WIN98SE Problem

Looked Like HP Scanjet 6200C Problem at the time

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Jan 2009 - Dead

There seems to be a power supply failure, but that's just a guess.  Some voltages measured on the main PCB.  The brown PCB to the left is the power supply board, but it's difficult to measure voltages.  The              ZERO     voltages on the large cap and adjacent inductor are probably the problem, but they may turn on when the button is pressed?
HP Scanjet 6200C PCB Cap Voltages
If you know about this please let me know.

25 Apr 2007

Tried to install on a different WIN XP computer and ran into the HPSJRREG.exe problem, just like on 11 Sep 2004!  pointing the wizzard there all seems well.

May 2006 - It's a Microsoft Problem not HP

Since the 6200 is pretty much working just fine under WIN XP and had all kinds of problems under WIN 98 SE it seems clear that the thing that's changed is the operating system, not the scanner or it's software.  I think USB came out about the same time as WIN 98 and WIN was buggy.

Thinking about the out of memory problem that happened again a few days ago.  I tried power down and fresh boot, not help  Also tried opening a new folder and trying to save scans to it, no help.
This happened while there was a huge amount of disk memory free, but after scanning over a Giga byte.  What did work was to add or delete a file in the problem directory.  After that all was well.  It seems the WIN XP does not properly keep track of the folder size when you keep adding hundreds of files that are in the 8 MB each size range.  There must be some folder size limit that's a carryover from the DOS days.  Again this is an operating system problem, not a problem with the scanner.

April 2006

The scanner has been working most of this year and last year.  Today 15 April 2006 when starting to scan a manual I'm getting the error disk does not have enough space.  But there's way more space than needed.  After trying a number of times it started to work.  Not sure what that's about, but have seen it before.

The 6200C scanner is far better than the newest scanners that have been Dumbth down.  The key feature lacking in the newer models is control of the histogram.  Although the new models will display the histogram there is not way to adjust the black and white thresholds using the histogram information.  For example on the 6200C there are cursors for white and black that can be moved on the histogram.  On the newer scanners there are no cursors.  So when you adjust the black and white levels there's not correlation with the histogram.   This is a vital thing to do when scanning double sided material.  Even with a flat black backing (why they put a white backing on the lid is a mystery to me) you still need to comprise between getting bleed through and loosing highlight information and this can only be done using the histogram in an accurate way.

WIN95 and USB Works

I've received an email saying that the 6200 scanner works under WIN95, but not later versions of Windows in USB mode.

Microsoft Fix for WIN98 and WIN98SE

My old WIN98SE computer has an Intel 82371 USB controller, not an NEC.
My current WIN XP computer has an Intel 82801 USB controller, not an NEC.
Since both of these computers have the lockup problem, I'm not convinced this is really the answer.


When using a Hewlett-Packard (HP) ScanJet 6200C Universal Serial Bus (USB) scanner connected to a computer with an NEC Open Host Controller USB controller, you may suddenly be unable to perform a scan after having started or completed a scanning operation (such as a Preview scan). Also, the scanning software may be listed as Not Responding in the Close Program dialog box.


This problem occurs when the NEC Open Host Controller does not correctly acknowledge a USB packet which is smaller than the full packet size, and the HP ScanJet 6200C does not properly resend a packet that has not been acknowledged."


The English version of this fix should have the following file attributes or later:
Date     Time   Version      Size   File name   Platform
11/8/99 3:38PM 24,416 Openhci.sys WIN98SE
11/22/99 5:04PM 22,944 Openhci.sys WIN98

The Solution?

21 Sep 2004 - Maybe the scanner freezing is because of a software conflict.  This seems plausible since the scanner does not have a buffer memory and needs to send data to the computer.  This linkage may be very fragile.  Will try using msconfig to turn off all startup items (I think the scanner still works without it's startup items) and see how it works.

14 Sep 2004 - Tried to scan an 8 page manual and the scanner froze just as it started to scan page 8, details:
2:39:07 Scanner freezes after just barley starting to scan page 8.

2:40:57 An error window opens with the title bar HP Precision Scan Jet Pro and the message Sorry, scanner could not be initialized.  (An error has occurred communicating with the scanner." and an "OK" button that was NOT pressed.

I believe that when the scanner freezes it no longer communicates on the USB and after almost 2 minutes the computer senses the lost USB connection and generates the above error message.

2:42:35 p.m. scanner makes initialization noise
2:42:49 Started to scan page 8 but stops after a short move.
2:433:10 Click "OK" on the above error window
2:43:40 New error window opens like the first one and this time OK is clicked.
2:43:58 Pressing "+" in the ScanJet software causes a page to be scanned.

After a 5 minute ordeal the scanner can be used again.  I believe that if I had clicked the OK in the first error window the computer would have removed the scanner from the device manager imaging devices folder and then it would take from 10 minutes to a day to get it to come back.

11 Sep 2004 - The problem is that the needed file name is HPSJRREG.exe and it is located in the windows/system32 folder.  Don't understand why it was not found yesterday.  The scanner seems to be working, not to use it.
To get it working the following steps were used:
10 Sep 2004 - Scanner #2 arrived.  This time the USB connection seems to have worked, but in Device Manager the error messge says the driver needs to be reinstalled.  But the file HPSJREG.exe is not on my computer after installing the sj673en.exe programs.
Also in the email response to my problem above there is this warning:
     CAUTION:  Never plug the scanners USB cable into the USB port on 
the computer when the scanner is plugged into an
electrical outlet. Doing so may damage the scanner.
You would think if this was an issue there would be a sticker on the scanner, but there is none.  How to tell if the scanner has been damaged by doing this?  I thought that USB was supposed to be a hot plug and play system?
On the HP web pages they have had the order of connecting the cables both ways, at one time it was disconnect both cables, wait at least a minute then connect the AC, wait for the initialization, then connect the USB cable.  Now it's connect the USB cable then the AC power.
9 Sep 2004 - replacement for the DOA scanner should have been here today.  Called Case Manager, and he confirmed that it has not shipped and there's no explanation given as to why not.  He will try to find out, but it may take days.
7 Sep 2004 - assigned to a new case manager (the prior one seems to not be there), who will ship yet another 6200 scanner, should be here thursday 9 Sep.
7 sep 2004 - filled out an HP dis-satifications survey, triggered by the shippment of the dead scanner.
3 Sep 2004 - called HP again, not return call.
2 Sep 2004 - called HP and left message about dead scanner scanner. No call back.
2 Sep 2004 - after swaping 6200 scanners and powering the new scanner, after moving the shipping lock which is required to install the line cord, the scanner does not work and has the dead electronics smell.
1 Sep 2004 - scanner arrives.
30 Aug 2004 - no scanner, although it was supposed to be here today.  I'm now working with a case manager after sending Carly a message.
25 Aug 2004 - no scanner.   Calling the 800 support number they gave me wastes many minutes then the phone system hangs up.
21 Aug 2004 - HP says they will send the scanner Fedex next day (this is a saturday) so I should have scanner by Wednesday.
5 Aug 2004 - HP confirms that they did not send the scanner and say they will.
26 July 2004 - HP sends an email confirming my order for a 6200C with a Turn Around Time of 10 days.

14 July 2004 - Started to trade up my 6200 for the top of the line HP 8200 flat bed scanner.  Easy to connect using the getting started poster, but there's a number of problems with the HP software that comes with the 8200:
I'm now thinking the problem is with my 6200 hardware.  The problem occurs just as the scanner starts to save an image, it hangs, and the hang causes the USB connection to time out.  The result is a error message related to the communication failure, but the real cause was the scanner hang.  The SJ630.exe patch software that writes to the scanner usually fixes the USB communication problem, but not the real problem, which probably is hardware or firmware related.  It mmay be that I'm seeing this becasue I typically am making scans that are about 26 mega bytes in size (the full glass as a color bitmap image.)  The final image looks very much better if you start off with a non lossy format, like bmp or tif, do whatever cropping, rotation and erasing needed, then at the end convert to a jpg.  If you start with a jpg and then work on it, the quality degrades since it's a lossy format.

28 June 2004 - Trying to scan a document with maybe a couple of dozen pages.  Impossible to do because the scanner hangs up (stops working) and then the computer can not initialize it.  Tried using System Restore a number of times, but sometimes get only a few scans then the can  not initialize error.  Also tried powering down both the computer and scanner and disconnecting scanner, but when the scanner USB cable is plugged in the computer fined unknown device.

19 June 2004
While using the scanner it stopped responding.  And did not respond after waiting 5 minutes.

First I tried powering down the computer and unplugging both the power and USB cables from the scanner.
After powering the computer back up, I powered the scanner causing it to initialize, then plugged in the USB cable.  It still would not initialize.

Next used the Windows XP Start\programs\accessories\system tools\System Restore program to restore my computer to yesterday's state.  Note this is only a system restore and has nothing to do with any applications or their data.  After the automatic reboot there was a window that said the "system has recovered from a serious problem" and should I send an error report to MS, so I did.  Now the scanner is working again.  So for those using Windows XP the System Restore may be a patch to allow the use of the HP Scanner.
It seems that the HP software and Windows just don't get along.  Note I did not load any software during this or any of the prior failures of the scanner.  I was running Netscape 7.1, but I don't see how that would effect the scanner, but who knows what software bug is the the HP software.

6 June 2004 - Second level HP support called today. Steps taken:
All the above took just under one hour.

Today I opened the CD-ROMs that arrived yesterday with Version 1.03 software.  One was marked Spanish (C6277-15548) and the other Portuguese (C6277-15548).  This after the on line order was refused because of an HP problem, not a charge card company problem.  And placing the order on the phone (15 minute call) in English.  It turns out this software is available free on line as HP-sj673.exe.

4 June 2003 Microtel makes a number of flat bed scanners, but I'm unable to communicate with them because they use SpamCop which stops my email which on the Spam Cop web page it's said " it is most likely not because of anything you did wrong".
I was able to make about 6 scans before the scanner locked up and now is non operational.

2 June 2004
Now have a new 2.4 GHz P4 computer with USB2 ports.  The scanner now has the "Sorry, scanner could not be initialized (Scanner not found)" error message.  The 4 page email from HP support did work to get the scanner to work again, but is NOT a fix, it is just an operating procedure that takes hours of time an needs to be done on a random basis.  It  only lasted a week or so.  I'm now shopping for some other brand of flat bed scanner.  More to come.

2 June 2004 (a few minutes later) - The link below no longer works, but it did lead me to a web page where a version 1.03 scanner software CD-ROM was offered.  But the HP order system could not process me credit card.  I checked with my VISA card provider and they said the request never got to them, so HP has a broken on line ordering system.

June 29, 2003
HP now says that the firmware in the scanner needs to be updated, which can only be done from Windows 2000 or XP.
See: (see 6 June 2004 above for the new firmware update software name)

Since I don't have one of the operting systems, I'll need to take the scanner into the local computer shop for the upload.  More to come . . .
To get the scanner going again today I needed to (order is important):
  1.  remove the "unknown device" in device manager
  2. unplug both the USB and power cords from the scanner
  3. shut down the computer
  4. Wait a few minutes
  5. restart the computer
  6. plug in the scanner USB cable (this MUST be done before the power cord)
  7. plug in the scanner power cord, note there was no "found device" window and the "imaging device" entry now appears in device manager.  The scanner still takes 4 or 5 minutes to get going.
Another problem I notice is that every now and then when using the 6200, it hangs up.  I timed one of these at 4 minutes.  When this happens there is nothing to do but wait it out.  shutting down the computer program and trying to restart it will not help, it's something inside the 6200.

If you have a flat bed scanner that you like please email and let me know.  enough is enough

The Real Problem (just kidding)

The below problems were caused by an incompatibility between the HP 6200 driver software and the Kodak DC-290 software.
I have now removed the Kodak software and run it on my laptop and the scanner is on the desktop computer.
This is a real PITA since each photo is over 7 MB and when ziped it takes 4 floppy disks to move the photo from the laptop to this computer..  maybe the firmware upgrade above will fix the problem and allow both the DC-290 and the 6200 to be on the same computer?

First Simple Fix

Troubleshooting - HP web page on 6200c Removing all startup items - (posted Nov 2002)

The Problem (Symptom)

In WIN98 or WIN98SE if you defrag your hard drive you will kill the ScnaJet software.  If you unplug you HP 6200 or plug in another USB device you will also break the HP scanjet software. This results in a "not found" error when you try and do a scan or open the ScanJetPro software.  Get a cup of coffee or your favorite brew, take off your shoes and get comfterable because this is going to take some time.

Recovering the use of your Computer from the Blue Screen fatal VxD Error

Boot into Safe Mode (see below for how to do this)
START, RUN, MSCONFIG, select Startup tab and un-check: Apply, OK and accept the reboot.  This should give you control of your computer.

Reinstalling the Software

Do these steps in order.  It may be a good idea to print this page and check off each item as it is completed, recommended if you are having a few brews during this long process.  You will need to do this every time you defrag your hard drive, so put the printed instructions somewhere handy, like under the scanner.

Verify Operation of the ScanJet

  • Disconnect the power cord from the scanner and wait a full 60 seconds (not 30 as some "fixes" say.
  • Reconnect the power cord and lift the lid of the scanner.
  • The lamp should turn on and the scanner will make some small moves (initializing).
  • If it does not do this you need the hardware fixed.
  • Prepare the HPPSPRO Folder

    In a later step we will need to load software while in "Safe Mode" and can not access the CD-ROM drive in this mode.  If you have already done this before and left the folder on your desktop then skip this step now.
  • Double click "MY COMPUTER"
  • Right click on the CD-ROM drive and choose Explore
  • Right click and hold on the HPPSPRO and drag the folder onto the desktop and release the mouse button, choose copy here.
  • This puts a copy of the folder on your desktop.
  • Point mouse anywhere on desktop (but not on any icons) and right click and choose the "arrange by ..." method you normally use.
  • Prepare the Scanner for a New Installation

  • Unplug the Scanner power cord
  • Unplug ALL USB devices connected to  your computer
  • Boot into Safe Mode

    There are a couple of ways of doing this.  Note that it can take some time before you are in safe mode, have a sip of something.

    Uninstall Scan Jet Software

  • Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, Choose HP Precision Scan Pro & Utilities
  • Click on the ADD/REMOVE button
  • When this is completed select REBOOT and let the system reboot back to the normal desktop.

  • This step can not be skipped, it causes the registry to be updated. (Maybe you can reboot back into safe mode, I haven't tested that, but you MUST reboot.
  • You may get a blue screen Fatal error during the reboot related to VXD.  If this happens:
  • press return and you may have a black screen but if you move the mouse to Start (even though you can not see the mouse) and
  • left click and scroll to - Programs - Accessories - Wordpad, will open a window
  • point the mouse at the bar at the top and while holding the left mouse button down move the window around your screen like a big eraser
  • You should now be able to see the desktop although there will still be some black on the task bar.
  • Remove Scan Jet Files

    Empty the Recycle Bin

  • Double click on the Recycle Bin Icon on the desktop
  • Close the window
  • Clear Device Manager of Scan Jet Stuff

  • Right click on My Computer and choose Properties
  • Select the Device Manager Tab at the top
  • Click on the "+" to the left of the following Icons and if you see any ScanJet items, highlight hem and click on the Remove button:
  • Imaging Device
  • Other Devices
  • HP ScanJet Scanners
  • Unknown Devices
  • Also check for Unknown USB devices and if present Remove them
  • Re-Boot into Safe Mode

    See the instructions above. Have more sips of something.

    Re-Install the Scan Jet Software

  • Double Click on the HPPSPRO folder that you saved to the desktop
  • Double Click on the SETUP.EXE icon
  • Follow the installation steps, taking the defaults and select to not register, since this the Nth time you have done this procedure, have another sip
  • Start, Shut Down, Shut Down
  • Connect the Scan Jet

  • Plugin the Scan Jet power cord
  • Connect the Scan Jet to the USB port (there should NOT be any other USB devices connected at this time)
  • Power Up the Computer

  • Power Up the Computer and watch the screen,
  • You should see WIN9x find the ScanJet and install software for it,
  • If you see WIN9x find and "Unknown Device" then you will have a problem because this is where the HPSJVXD.VXD file is installed.

  • If this file is not installed you will be getting Blue Screen Fatal Errors each time your computer starts up.
    The HPSJVXD.VXD file should be in C:\Windows\SYSTEM
    One cause of this problem is leaving the Scan Jet power cord plugged in, even though you removed the USB cable.
  • Open the HP Scan Jet Pro software - Start, Programs, HP Scan Jet Software, HP Precision Scan Pro and do a full scan to test it
  • Connect other USB Devices


    This procedure modifies the registry by installing the needed info for the scanner. hpie.reg , HPSCNCLI.REG, HPSCNSVR.REG and that you have regedit.exe version 4.0 or later.
    HP Precisionscan Pro 1.0 Error Message - Sorry,Scanner Not Found; Scanner Not Initialized -

    On Line Help

    The HP web pages have a number of app notes on all the problems with the 6200C.  Note that you need to select "printable version" to remove the navigation bar on the left that will cause the right side of the page to be cut off your printer.

    Support, Scanners and Digital Imaging, HP ScanJet Scanners, ScanJet 6000 Scanners, HP Scanjet 6200C gets you the support page for this scanner: - where you can ask a question or try other ways to find help.

    You also can "contact support" (NOT contact HP) to ask a question, but the answer will come from a computer, not a human, so you might as well look very hard here first.  In my case the computer generated response came in about 20 minutes and told me how to load the hpsjvxd.vxd driver, but did not mention that is gets loaded when WIN9x detects new hardware and that was not happening because I did not remove the power cord on the scanner for greater than 60 seconds to reset the scanner.  I discovered this after going through 3 or 4 pages of responses to my question and found an app note, "HP ScanJet Scanners - USB, Unknown Device Detected" that explains the need for at least 60 seconds of no power to reset the ScanJet.

    The thing that was overlooked on HP's part is that hpsjvxd.vxd is created when the WIN operating system detects the newly connected ScanJet Scanner. After doing the uninstall and reinstall and before the op sys detects the scanner there is a registry entry pointing to hpsjvxd.vxd and the file is not yet there.  This causes the Blue Screen fatal error!

    Phone Support 800 999-1148

    14 March 2001 - more blue screen errors because I used my DC-290 digital camera.  Called the 800 number (this is a better option than the 900 number because often you will get free help rather than be billed $25.  In this case the free sugestions were:
    (1) use a USB hub so that you don't need to be plugging and unplugging the USB devices (this goes aginst the "hot plug/unplug" feature of USB, but I will try it.
    (2) you can remove the scanjet in Device Manager.  This is not clear to me, we'll see.

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