IR Beacons

©Brooke Clarke, N6GCE


These "Firefly" IR lights are designed to snap onto a standard 9 Volt battery.  They have a single steady IR light.
The LED is aimed along the long axis of the battery so illuminates the sky if the battery is standing up.
Marked NSN 6240-01-275-8080
MFR 5X557, 4095, A308501, REV B

The manufacturer is:
Power Plus Inc
550 Parque Dr
Ormand Beach, FL 32174
Voice Telephone: 386-672-7579

 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines -Book I  Night Warrior Handbook - Section 2.6 -


PS 589 pg 46 & 47 Night Vision Systems


ITT IR Beacons & Illuninators -
Own The Night - sells the Phoenix and Phoenix Jr. ($85 and $25) color photos of these products
BAE systems - IR beacons for aircraft -

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