Motorola GPS Receivers

Motorola started with a receiver called the PVT which was a 6 channel receiver.  The Oncore line is from the GPS Product Group of Motorola.

VP Oncore

 an 8 Channel unit with very comprenshive features like carrier phase, precise timing 1PPS, DGPS output, world magnetic model, etc

SL Oncore

A small version of the VP that has been stripped of almost everything except position data

GT+ Oncore

A lower cost version of the VP with most everything except positioning info left for location applications

UT+ Oncore

A lower cost verion of the VP with most everything except timing and position stripped away.

M12 Oncore

A new (4Q99) 12 channel receiver with most everything stripped away (DGPS output will be in the first release).  This is made by the GPS group of Motorola like the prior receivers.

Tom Clark Photos of Beta M12 -

PSRF1111A & MMC2003

 A new (4Q99) reprogrammed chip set.  The prior chip set needed to be customized and was for extreamly high volume users.  The PSRF1111A is the RF module and the MMC2003 is a custom version of the MMC2001 MCORE DSP-Microcontroller with built in 12 channel correlator and GPS firmware.  The Motorola Semiconductor Products (SPS) group makes these chips.  The MCORE 32 bit processor is the heart of this system.  These are the new Motorola GPS RF front end (PSRF1111A) and correlator and math package (MMC2003).  The Motorola MMC2003 is a special version of the MMC2001 that has the GPS stuff burned in and not user modifiable.

The CMD-2003GPS Development Board with GPS System will be made by Axiom Manufacturing at a list price of $899.

Synergy will be selling both the chips and the Development kit (at a slight discount).

PSRF1111A RF Dual Down converter

Size: 23 x 43 x 10 mm (0.9" x 1.7" x 0.39")
Weight: 15 grams
Connectors:    power and digital: 8-pin
                     RF antenna: MMCX Jack


Command Table for VP, CMC2003, M12, GT+, UT+ AtAt.xls or[ AtAt.html  <shift><click> to download]

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