MS-2000M Distress Marker Light

© Brooke Clarke 2006

MS2000 White
MS2000 IR
MS3000 Blue
Shield retracted
IR filter hinged open
Shield retracted
IR filter over strobe
Shield Extenced
IR filter hinged open


For many years the SDU-5/E was the standard emergency strobe light.  But it needed seperate IR filter or a seperate Blue filter either of which could easily be lost.  The Mercury battery for the SDU-5/E went obsolete (but I make an adapter for common batteries) and this also must have been a motivation to come out with a new adapter.

The OD outer cover for the MS02000M can be slid up and acts as both a beam restrictor and as a blue filter and works in a manner very similar to the blue filter for the SDU-5/E.  When the blue filter is not in use a built in IR filter can be swung over the strobe lens.  Instead of a custom military battery two common AA batteries are used.  The problem with this is that Alkaline batteries loose a lot of capacity when at or below freezing temperatures.

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