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Any good surplus places in USA - physical locations of electronic related stores & hamfests listed by state


Abex - UK dealer with interesting microwave, optical, vacuum, etc. items
AIL Sysems - merged with EDO Corp & Dorne & Margolin -
Allied Electronics - broad line distributor
All Electronics - mostly commercial components
Almost All Digital Electronics - test equipment kits
American Artifacts - Scientific Medical & Mechanical Antiques -
American MilSpec - eBay - radios, cables, and much more
American Trans-Coil Corp - parts GRC-106 specialists - eBay -
Amidon - ferrite and powered iron cores
Anchor Supplies Ltd - European surplus
An/Com Industries - manufacturer and supplier of Military ground Tactical communications equipment
Antique Electronics Supply - kits, tubes, etc.
Antique Telephone Repair
Army Man - eBay - some cables, connectors
Army Radio Sales - UK - radios from all of Eurpoe -
Army Surplus Amsterdam - English web pages, will export, has many generators, but no radios
Army Trucks Inc. -  Military Vehicles for rental in Movies, TV, Commercials, etc.
ars - Antique Instruments, radios, telephones, microscopes, etc.
Ask Jan First !  - parts
Associated Industries - Radio & wire line coms equip
Astron Wireless Technologies (formerly Astron Antenna Co) - low profile antennas
Atlantic Microwave - COM21 VHF antenna
AUSA -Publications include:  Army Magazine, Green Book -


B.G. Micro -
B.M.Electronics Co. Japanese but Fumio Miyato can respoond toEnglish emails
B&L Collectibles - general mil surplus mostly Ephemera
Baco Army Goods -page translation  Babel Fish - Google - Leger radio = Military Radio
Balance Industries, Inc. - military and commercial avionics
Balboa Trading Company S.A. - poor descriptions and no photos
Barnas Military Surplus and Radio - an eBay store by John Baranosky - tripod kits for GRA-4 & camo masts
Barnstormers - From complete planes to parts
Barrett Communications - backpack HF rig
Bendix King - air nav instruments (See Relm for radios)
Bird Electronics - power meters
Bluefeather - Special Connectors for Military Surplus and Aerospace Hardware -
Boonton Electronics - a subsidiary of Noisecom -
BPB Surplus mostly aircraft related but also some other interesting stuff
Bulb Direct - Lamps for about everything including radios
Bulb Man - Many lamps including some T1.25 type, like for the URM-25


C and H Sales Company - any rotating electrical machine you can think of, components, optics, transits, etc. eBay Store: C-AND-H-SALES also closed
Carolina Growler - reproduction Jeep Kits
Celestial Design Co. - LCD Suppliers - new & surplus -Graphics LCD Panels -  Dave Erickson's Engineering Web Page
Charles Edwin Inc - antique barometers and formal longcase clocks
Codan Limited - sophisticated remote area communication equipment and systems (UN vehicles in Afghanistan)
Cold War Remarketing - mostly vehicles, including radio trucks but might have some VIC-1 components
Columbia Electronics International, Inc. - complete military radio systems in quanity
Combat Radio - UK dealer - interesting stuff, photos and archives of past items
CommoCentral - mostly rack size and larger
Communication Concepts, Inc. - Kit for Motorola App Note762 1.6 - 30 MHz 140W amp- and other ANs
Communications Repair Depot by Craig J. Coley
Compass Technical Services -
Conic (now part of L3 Communications, Litton, Terracom) - PRC-130, PRC-132
Condor Systems - supplies govt with ELINT/ESM, SIGINT, COMINT systems ->EDO Corp
Contact Information for State and Federal Surplus Sales - links to many official gov sites
Cubic Defense - Manuals for obsolete receivers -
Cubic Communications, Inc. - DF equipment and HF, VHF receivers


D and D Radio - Japan - their English page is under construction
Datron World Communications Inc - located in Vista, CA, Mike Murphy's back yard
Dave Panek - collector and seller
Defenselink (U.S. Department of Defense) -
Dennis Schneider - Army Surplus Agent - 30 tons of Wireless equipment
Deutsche Optik - Mike Murphy sells the Harier wind dir for $12 these guys for $50 - be sure to shop
Digi-Key - has some mil type connectors
Disposal Services Agency - official UK military suplus from the MOD
Don Lancaster Guru's  Lair - has some surplus stuff
Dorne & Margolin - see AIL Systems - see EDO Corp - Antennas -
Dragon Man - S. of Colorado Springs?
DRMS  (Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service) -
DRS Technologies - SIGINT Products - WJ-8611Digital HF/VHF/UHF Receiver


Electric Radio (ER) Magazine (email)  - On Line Catalog parts & Literature
Electro Mavin - technical electronic excess -
Electronics Dimension - AB155/U masts @ $150
Electronic Goldmine - Mostly commercial components, but some government/military stuff  - some Mil Surplus Electronics-
Electronic Soicex - French dealer
Electropuces - French dealer with English titles mostly test equip
Eika-Tronic - PRC-2015 (VHF) NSN 5820-25-145-2452  & PRC-2045 (UHF) NSN 5820-25-147-6941
ESCO - Mil Radios & Accesories - Babel Fish Italian to English
European Surplus (aka Swiss Link)- is in Northern California and sometimes has electronics
Eyring - (computer stuff, BUT ->) NVIS antennas ELPA 301A - Patents: 4839661, 4829310, 4825224, 4750001, 4743917
E-Z-Hook - In addition to the hooks they have coax connectors and adapters


Fair Radio Sales - In business a long time, ask them since they have more than they advertise - highly recommended
FAQ - location of Surplus stores in US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
Far Circuits - printed circuit boards for many magazine articles (847) 836-9148 Illinois
Flame Enterprises - ?
FJW Optical Systems (Find_R_Scope)- IR and UV viewers including long IR (heat)
Frederick Electronics - HF data modems
Front Line Military Vehicles - mostly vehicle parts, but has some Radio Equipment 


Gemmary - Antique Scientific Instruments
General Atronics (now DRS Technolgies) - TA-1035/U Digital Nonsecure Voice Terminal (DNVT)
General Dynamics C4 Systems - Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) - PRC-112
Gerard Schnoebelen - high end items in eBay -
Green Acres Surplus - right on 880 in Oakland, MVs & shelters in outdoor lot, more in the wharehouse. (415) 379-3997 - 
Guru's  Lair by Don Lancaster


Hanger 18 Surplus - RF & micreowave components and older test equipment - eBay: hangar18surplus
Harris RF Systems Division - Tatical & other radios
HdB Electronics - mainly distributor, but used to have some surplus
Helmut Singer Elecktronik - Germany page in English -
HSC - more of an industrial electronics surplus dealer


Imagic Design Ltd - test equipment
ITT Industries Aerospace/Communications - RT-1523 Configurations


J-Byte Electronics - claims to carry military surplus components
Jim Karlow, KA8TUR - repair of mil radios, PRC-68 family, PRC-74, etc.


Kurrajong Radio Museum - details on many tube type radios


L3 - East (Infosec, REMBASS sensor systems), Randtron Antenna Systems, Link simulators, Narda East, West, Microdyne,
Lehman Scientific - Ball/Efratom FRK-L Rubidium Oscillators
Levy Latham Global LLC - official US govt surplus dealer for ceartian Federal Supply Codes click a code to see a list of items
Oct 2002 now called Government Liquidation, LLC - both on line and sealed bid auctions
Logistics and Readiness Center - Battery Support 
Luke International - supplier of Military obsolete components, IC's, Connectors, Passives


Marlin P. Jones & Assoc. - industrial surplus including good poswer supply deals
Max Gain systems - Telescoping Fiberglass tube (round & square), Bristol Wrenches
MCE Electronics Warehouse - eBay list - very slow to deliver, it's been almost a month since I paid and still no items.
Mendelson Electronics - no radios but good deal on 28 VDC 90A cell site power supply - eBay meci -
MG Electronics - owned by Mike Couture and Manuals by Allen Fulmer, K4KDG
Mil Radio - For Sale -
Militaria Collector's Exchange - use your browsers "find" to search - alternative to eBay
Military Collectibles -
Military Kit Store - Great Britian, Radios - There have been some complaints of not receiving what was paid for, buyer beware.
Military Museum on the Web - EE8B field phone - Museum Shop with items for sale
Military Radio and Vehicle Locator -
Military Wireless in the Midlands - personal want/trade/buy
Mike Murphy's Surplus - fine quality radios - highly recommended
Miltronix - R390 related
MOBAT (Motorola & Bartel) -
Modern Military Radios - David Panek
Monteria - ELINT and a very interesting 3 dimensional patented DF system (looks like 3 parallel DSPs working on X, Y and Z.
Motorola -INFOSEC -  Advanced INFOSEC Machine (AIM) -
Motorola - Radio Products -
Motorbo - digital 2-way radios
Motorola products & services (other than cell phone) - Yesterday's Products
Moser Electronics Company - big and pricy, but interesting
Museum of Radio and Technology - Links - wireless -


N5FSL Home Page - The Horn Speaker newsletter -
Napco - mfg.
Natick Soldier Research Center - govt R&D, not dealer
Naval Institute Press - in addition to publishing scholarly papers they also have a bookstore -
Newark - has many mil type connectors
Nextira Federal LLC = TimePlex Federal Systems + Williams Communications Solutions
Nexus - Audio Plugs & Jacks
NTE Electronics (bought ECG) - replacement electronic components


Ocean State Electronics -
Omaha's - surplus store with some interesting stuff
On Semiconductor (formerly Motorola Semi Group) - makes diodes and ICs but not big computer chips
Ontario Surplus - Ontario Surplus is a small surplus business specializing in the unusual and especially large and heavy items - AB-577/GR 50' mast - TM 11-5820-538-35 Mast, AB-577/GRC  is available on the Army Technical Manuals (ETM) page.
Ostron - German mil surplus dealer -Radios - R-155P radio - Babel Fish
Outback Equipment Company - semiconductor and other electronic surplus


Panik's Electronics - commercial secure VHF/UHF radios and related equipment
Pasternack Enterprises - connectors and adapters
Pembleton Electronics, Inc. - Ft. Wayne, IN
PhotoTelesis Corporation - Equipment to Tx/Rx images over voice comm channels
Pietro makes a number of inverting type battery adapters for BC-611, PRC-6,  PRC-8, PRC-9, PRC-10,  CPRC-26,  BC-1000,  BC-625,  GRC-9, MAB paramarine, and soviet radio series.  Typically powered from a 6 Volt Gell Cell battery.  eBay: inverter45
Piexx -some surplus and some ham components
Pomona Electronics - connectors, adapters, project boxes, etc. - Products for sale by Brooke, N6GCE
Precious Things Online - UIK radios, aeirals, etc
Previously Owned and Loved Electronic Equipment - Buy & Sell
PV Scientific Instruments (Arcs and Sparks) - Crystal and Regenerative Radios - Radio Kits -

Pvt. Jarhead's Surplus Stuff - Vietnam era radios & related



Radiall/Larsen Antenna Technologies -
Radio Daze - wire, tubes and related components - old radios, both commercial & military
Radio-Locator- lists all the commercial radio stations in the world
Radio History Society - Links-
Radio Research Instrument Co, Inc - complete radar systems - their web page looks like the flyer but almost no photos
Radiosurplus - Elettronica - In Italy, no English
Rapco - CARC and other mil paints (Mark Dodd)
Recycled Goods Warehouse - some Mil test equipment
Red Star Radio - Canidian eBay dealer in Chinese Radios (Korean & Vietnam vintage)
Relm Communications - Bendix King Radio - AN/PRC-127A
Resources Un-Ltd. - CCD cameras, Military people detector radars
RF Parts - components, tubes, cable, etc.
Right Choice Electronics - Willing to look for obsolete ICs and parts on an international basis
manuals & mil radio related
Rochester Electronics - Leaders on the Trailing Edge of Electronics = obsolete parts
Rodelco Electronics Corp - ARN-89
Rohde & Schwarz - Radios, Antennas, test equipment, etc.


S&G Photographic Equipment -S&G Electronics- Batteries for Antique & Mil Radios including military batteries, Military Electronics & Accesories  - Multi-Meters & Panel Meters - military BB- Ni-Cad batteries
Saturn Surplus - Military Radio Related -
Saunders and Cooke - Antique Re-Creations
Scholar's Bookshelf- out of date Jane's books at deep discounts
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ -
Scientific and Antique  -
SEA - Datamarine -
SECHAN -Test Sets and small run military systems including Ground Sensor Systems
Signal Magazine - publication of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) - Advertisers -
Semiconductor Products - by type
Shakespeare Company - HF, VHF, UHF Antennas, Mounts, and Accessories Broadband, Tactical, Vehicular, Shipboard -
Skycraft Parts and Surplus - Orlando, FL
Sonic Communictions - covert wirless in ear speaker
Sources of Boatanchor Manuals, Parts & Equipment - old list but still some good info
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI(tm)) - R&D contractor - Signal Exploitation and Geolocation Systems -
Special Forces Collectors Page - PRC-319 HF radio with built in digital messaging
Specialty Defense Systems - Ranger Assault Carrying Kit (RACK) has PRC-68 Family carry pouch that also works with patented MOLE
STANO Components, Inc.- night vision, intrusion detection
Steve Haney - antennas and other mil radio stuff, recommended by Brooke - eBay Store - 817-309-2220 Texas
Steve Hilsz - Phone Surplus - Antique Telephone Repair
Sunair Electronics, Inc. - HF transmitters, ant couplers & receivers
Surplex Ltd ( QueCan on eBay) - -
Surplus2000 - eBay -
Surplus Angebote - in German - World: translation - by Alta Vista
Surplus Electronics - nothing here all on eBay as seller riatla
Surplus Military Radio by Menno Putman - Links to European military surplus dealers - and many more pages of links
Surplus Radio Society The Netherlands - Links -
Surplus Sales of Nebraska - mostly components but some boxes
Surplus Shed - mainly optics, but some electronics
Surplus Stuff -Lee Frank -  manuals, tubes, parts, etc.
Swede and Sons Military Surplus - PRC-25 -
Systems and Electronics Inc (SEI) (formerly Fourdee) -


Tacticom -
Tadiran Communications Ltd. - makes all kinds of mil radios
Tartin Electronics 520-5777-1022
Team Electronics Man - eBay list -
tecno  surplus by Carmelo Litrico - the battery adapters are now sold by Pietro
Technomad Military PA Systems - one mounted on HUMMER
Ted Manufacturing  - may be a source for hard to get coax connectors (more to follow if they are)
Telex - head/hand sets, antennas
Tesseract Early Scientific Instruments -
The Gemmary - Antique Scientific Instruments -
Thomas Electronics - (acquired General Atronics in 1992) might be a source for replacement SDU or Pan Adapter CRTs
Tiger Tactical - both Temprate, and Arid (Desert) material onto SINGLE boonie
Toronto Surplus and Scientific, Inc. - interesting & Canadian stuff
Transcrypt International - EF Johnson -Apr 2008 web pages all messed up
Transworld - see Datron -
Trompeter - manuf of connectors and cables
Troph-e-Shop - Germany (English option) - general mil surplus & mil radios
TRW - Defense & Intelligence Systems -,1458,4_39_134%5E3%5E134%5E134,00.html


U.K.Systems -Japanese use page translation  - Google
Ultra Electronics - coms & crypto equipment
Universal Radio - new and used receivers, Fred Osterman, President wrote Shortwave Receivers Past and Present -
UNICOR - U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Prision Industries



Warbird Parts and Memorabilia - Radio Equipment  -
Warbird Relics - Radio Equipment - note you must manually go to each of the radio pages.
Watson's Antiques of Canada -
Weapons of Mass Destruction -  reasonably priced
Wenzlau - Masts - Shelters - Trailers -
Westland Military Antiques - can not browse, only search
William Perry Co in 702 (Rear) Beechwood Rd, Louisville, KY, 40207 (502) 893-8724, FAX (502) 893-9220 Eastern Time
- Connectors:Amphenol, Bendix, Cannon, Burndy, Cinch and Winchester
W.J. Ford Surplus Enterprises Technical Reference & Manuals -



Yank Azman Toronto -
Yasuo Tokuda - Japanese


Yesterdaze Antique Scientific Instruments and Optics -
Zeta, an Integrated Defense Technologies Company - signals intercept, direction finding (DF), emitter location and jamming systems
Products for Sale, Brooke's Military Information, Brooke's Home Page

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