PC based Oscilloscopes

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This product search is based on the need to analyze the TTL bit stream coming out of the PRC-126 US Army Squad Radio to determine the protocol.
This should allow the construction of a Cloning Device, Lap Top cahnnel frequency progrmmer, and maybe a retransmission adapter.  The Pico Technology ADC10 dongle worked well for the slow data rate.


Stand alone box with serial interface to PC - $395 assem & tested

Allison Technology Corporation

$190 - $350 O- scope modules

PC External Scopes Test & Measurement World, October 1998

HC Protek

Model 220 PC card, $199, 32kB memory

TiePie Engineering

PC BASED TEST SOLUTIONS is a US dealer - left email

Parallax USB Oscilloscope

2 channel, 8 bit, 1 Ms/s Maximum Sample Rate with One Channel
$90 for just the scope, or $160 for the scope, parts kit and Understanding Signals educational package.
Maybe Parallax is going the way of Heathkit, i.e. moving their product offering into the educational arena?

Pico Technology

The newest product (2009) is the combined probe and USB2 scope models 2104 and 2105.
$210 (10 Mhz) and $330 (25 MHz).

ADC40 is a 0 to +/- 5 V parallel port connector shell with 8 bit A/D. about $110
ADC10 is a 0 to +5 V version about $95


ADC-10 $90


dealer has 10 entry level USB scopes under $500


Made by USB-Instruments
Sold in the U.S. by EasySync USA $220
also have the PS40M10 : Swordfish Hand-Held Instrument for $200.  This is a scope in the shape of a probe.

USB Based Electrical Engineer (USBee)

$550 to $1500 USB based multi functional mixed signal.
The $1050 & $1500 versions include protocol analysis functions.

April 2005 Embeded.com Article comparing Parallax, Saelig/USB Instruments, Picotech, and Bitscope

Part 1 Scoping out palm-sized USB oscilloscopes General comments, Parallax USB, Picoscope 3206,
The Parallax does not have BNC connectors so attaching a 10X probe is a problem

Part 2 Mighty microanalyzers - BitScope 310  and a couple of USB Logic Analyzers
Unlke the scopes in the first part the BitScope is a combined Scope and Logic Analyzer.

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