PP-7601 6 Station Battery Charger

©Brooke Clarke, N6GCE

General Information

This is a 6 station battery charger but It's not clear which PRC-68 battery it was designed to charge.  The connector that snaps onto the battery has two contacts, not the third contact like on the Magnavox 706841-801 5 station charger.  This would indicate that it should charge all the  PRC-68 series rechargeable batteries i.e.: BB-588/U, BB-715/U, 548103-804, 6140-01-241-2295 and BB-388/U.  But the connector will NOT fit the BB-388/U because the insulating sleeve it too thick, so maybe this was for the earlier batteries.

When a battery is installed the "slow" LED illuminates and if "start" is pressed both the "slow" and "fast" LEDs come on.  I expect that after the battery is charge the "fast" LED will turn off, leaving the battery on float charge.

There are flanges on the back side so that this unit could mounted to a wall or bulkhead.  It also has carrying handles on the sides and a provision for a lid (missing from this unit).  There are hold down straps to keep the batteries in their boxes, unlike the Magnavox units that depend on gravity.  This coupled with the gray color suggests that this was built to be used on a Navy ship is support of the Marines.

The Label says:
Charger, Battery
NSN 4G 6130-01-080-6577
Fourdee  07661 (Systems and Electronics Inc (SEI) bought  Fourdee) -
Part No ?2610
Serial No 10035 (this is most likely the 35th one built)

Maintenance Information

There are two major components of the PP-7601, the bottom case containing the power supply and the front panel with the PCB mounted below the battery boxes.

AC Power Connector

The PP-7601 can be powered by either 117 VAC or 230 VAC and that selection is made by a front panel toggle switch with a protective cover.  The line connector is a ITT Canon MS 3124E12-3P wired: It is easy to remove the line connector and connect a 3-wire power cord directly to the terminal strip.
The simple full wave rectifier and capacitor power supply in the case bottom provides 35.6 VDC to power the PCB mounted below the battery boxes.
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