I get asked about various subjects from time to time.  This is just a way to answer common questions.

Pogo Pins

These were designed for bed of nails printed circuit board testing, but they can be used anywhere you want a contact that has compliance like to test semiconductor parts with flat leads.
Interconnect Devices Inc. -
Everett Charles Technologies -
QA Technology Company, Inc. -

Analytical (aka Failure Analysis) Probe Stations

These have a manual X-Y stage and a manual way to raise and lower the chuck.  Provision for a stereo microscope and a horseshoe or "C" plate to hold magnetic mount probes.  Many of the probes have manual X - Y stages so that you can locate them on the pads.  Some stations have a socket to hold a probe card.
Micromanipulator Company - Manual Probe Stations  - coaxial probe good for C-V & DC but limited frequency range
Electroglas - used to make a manual probe station, check used equipment dealers
Signatone - Manual / Semiautomatic Probe Stations & Accessories -Richard Dickson - 408-848-2851
B & G International - Probe-It - has good photograph of this type of station
Karl Suss America - PA300 - Dennis Place - 802-244-5181 x 229
J Micro Technology - JR2700.pdf (240k), JR2727.pdf (89k) - Jerry Schappacher - 503-614-9509

Microwave Probes

GGB Industries, Inc.  (Picoprobe) - on-wafer microwave probes
Cascade Microtech, Inc. - stations & microwave probes


Johnstech International -
OZ Tek -


Pomona Electronics - test leads, adapters, etc.
Trompeter - adapters, connectors

Source Measurement Units

These are combined voltage/current sources and current/voltage measurement meters.  They typically have the voltage and current ranges optimized for testing semiconductior DC parametrics.
Agilent (HP) 4145/4155/56 - are all in one big box, 4142 - modular with plug in modules with different ratings that's only cost effective for 3 or maor channels.
Keithley 326, 237, 238 - single SMU in 2U rack box - see the System 93 I-V test cluster for links to a number of the SMUs
Interface Technology -SM15 - I have not used this one
Another way to do this is to use seperate sources and meters with a MUX such as:
Keithley - 220, 230
Racal (Dana) - 1250 -
Agilent (HP) - 3488, 34970, etc.
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