Time & Frequency Rack

Time & Freq Rack

5110A Synthesizer Driver & 5100A Frequency Synthesizer

This is a synthesizer based on add, subtract, multiply NOT on PLL methods.  It is big and heavy, but has very fast coherent switching and good phase noise.  This model was used by BR
communications to develop their chirp sounder.

107BR Quartz Oscillator

Has a cylindrical oscillator assembly that looks like the one made by Sultzer Labs which was mentioned in the NRL book.....

117A VLF Comparator

A 60 kHz WWVB receiver with a phase comparison to an external 100 kHz signal both meter and paper strip.


113AR Frequency Divider and Clock

Takes a standard frequency input and divides it down to 1 PPS and drives an analog clock running on a 1 kHz motor, very noisy.
HP Journal Nov-Dec 1959 Vol. 11 No. 3-4: A New Clock for Improving the Accuracy of Local Frequency and Time Standards -
HP Journal April 1960 Vol 11 No. 8-10: Utilizing VLF Standard Broadcasts with the -hp- Frequency Divider Clock -

HP 120 Oscilloscope

used with 114BR to see time comparison

114BR Time Comparator

Used with a 120B Oscilloscope and a WWV HF receiver to compare the 1 PPS output of a house standard with WWV.  The thumb wheel switches allow adding a time delay to the house standard to trigger the scope to watch the phase of WWV (and WWVH at the same time is it's there). inside

More T&F equipment in another rack.

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