URM-6 Set, URM-106 Meter

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General Description Drawing from the manual.  This set allows measuring the field strength of signals in the 14 to 250 Kc range.

CY-706/URM-6, another view

IM-36B Field Intensity Meter, PT-435 cal data
PP-449 Power Supply
AT-203 - 3 section rod antenna, 1/2 meter electrical length, twin-axial connector
AT-204 - 4 section rod antenna, 1 meter electrical length, twin-axial connector
AT-205 small loop antenna
misc cables
Original Operation Manual Nav Ships 93134 12 March 1958 + changes 1 Aug 1966 (in transit cast on the upper right end)


ME-31/U meter
MX-951/URA-6 RF probe
misc cables


AT-206 Large Loop -
CG-444/U Cable
Transit case lid has fold out legs to make a table

Photo of the Set


Stoddart and the Radio Research Receiver -

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