URN-502 Vehicle Mount GPS Receiver System

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URN-502/R-5133 EDO GPS Receiver Overall View URN-502 Hand Control
R-5133/URN-502 GPS Recciver EDO



This is a first generation GPS receiver intended for mounting in a military vehicle.

System Components

R-5133/URN-502 Receiver Box

There are no user controls or indicators except for the on/off switch.
This 11 3/8" high x 15" wide x 12" deep box has a removable front panel to allow access to the printed circuit boards inside.
It was made by EDO in Canada.
Front Panel: Inside: Stk 5825-21-905-2372

EDO 4053-98-0200 Control Head

Hand Held Terminal EDO GPS ReceiverThis is the control and indicator for the system.
It can be hand held or mounted on a 45 deg. bracket in a vehicle.
It appears to be a mil spec version of the OT40 made by WPI Termiflex, Inc.
It may be the WPI model MP2105.
There is an EL back light for the 4 line by 20 character LCD.
There is a 10-pin nil connector on the bottom that mates with a cable connector M85049/38-13W.

AS-5191/URN-502 Antenna(s)

Approximately 5" dia x 2" high single choke ring passive antenna with TNC(f) connector.
The upper white plastic dome is held on by an o-ring and can be removed by twisting.
Stk 5985-21-905-2583
DND Canada Mdn
PT/PC 4053-98-0220
Contr. W8474-7-MZ1F
Ser. 92-004


Control Head to Extension Box 4053-98-0213 has ITT 8816 KPSE06E12-10P connector on one end that mates with  the receiver panel connectors and Pyle D38999/26FC98SN on other end.
The remote box has a plug that mates to the receiver box and duplicates the receiver box connector (i.e. it's an extension cord).

The Antenna to receiver box cable is a TNC(m) to TNC(m) cable 18 feet long.


This will hold the Control Head (with a strap) at 45 degrees in a vehicle.
4053-50-0212 Rev. 1.00


Power On

At power on the LCD shows in the upper left corner:     Pressing INIT:


Pressing + or - toggles between speed and height for the bottom line.
Mobile Display:
20/12/97 15:33:56 M*
lat=  37 23 12.0
lon=-123 09 50.0
spd=000.0 crs=090.0 0<blinking square>

Fixed Display:
20/12/97 15:36:03 A*
LAT=  39 23 09.3
LON=-123 09 47.2
HGT= 0250           <blinking square>

Alerts Display:
20/12/97 15:38:06 M*
TRACKING=00        <blinking square>
15H  16H  17H  18H
***  ***  ***  ***
The last two lines are a visibility forcast for 4 hours into the future.
The display was at 15:00 hours and the forcast is for 15:00, 16:00 17:00 and 18:00hours.

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