Art Bauers New Book; A review by William L. Howard




Art Bauers New Book; A review by William L. Howard


     I recently received a copy of Art Bauers new book, titled, “ FUNKPEILUNG ALS  ALLIIERT WAFFE GEGEN DEUTSCH U - BOOTE 1939 - 1945”



     It is a very high quality book and contains 323 pages, 49  line drawings and 30  black and white photographs, Most of which are 8” x 10” pictures. The text, however, is in German so unless you can read German it doesn’t make a great deal of sense. The book explains the propagation of radio

waves, the  Enigma Coding system and the Enigma machines as well as the method of communication to the submarine fleet.  A detailed description of the German U-boat radio organizations is included.  The most important

chapter  describes the operation of the HUFF-DUFF (HF/DF) [High Frequency Radio Direction Finding] and the details of how it worked. The antenna system, which was the backbone of the system, is explained in great detail. The author has also  integrated into the story  the eye witness reports of three British Huff-Duff operators,  but they  have been translated into German!



     The explanations of the Enigma messages which were sent for different purposes, and then were decoded at the Governments Code and Cipher Center at Bletchely Park, were based on original Public Record Office (PRO London) documents. In the appendix is a copy of the entire Enigma (general) manual M. Dv. Nr. 32/1, as well as several copies of other original coding material. Metox history with never before published details; “Kurier” the top secret super fast U-boat's transmission system. This enabled messages to be transmitted within 454 msec!!!!  Included is a picture of the inside of this apparatus, which has never been printed before in un-classified documents. This section was based on an  article that was originally written by a British colleague and the author has

extended the description of the technology in this chapter.  He has also included an extract from a British film strip recording made during their trial testing of the system in 1945/46. All the important technical principles of the system are described. Also included was a contribution from a German co-author  describing the technical  details of the “Goliath Sender”  which was considered the world's most powerful tube VLF transmitter (up to 1000 kW output). It was able to send signals to submarines while these were submerged, even in the Indian Ocean!



     I went through the book in great detail and found the pictures to be excellent, there were numerous schematics and many excellent photographs of the German sets and the British equipment. The section on the Enigma has been covered in other books, in English, but this is a necessary element in

understanding the subject of the book. This book will make an excellent addition to the history of both radio development and in the history of submarnie warfare as it was conducted in WW II.



     I can only hope that the author will find the time to prepare at least a supplament to the book with an English translation.  With such a supplement, I would recommend the book to everyone with an interest in radios and or submarines.



William L. Howard

LTC Armor USAR(Retd)






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     I got this message from Art Bauer and also include my reply. Do you think there are 1000 people world wide that would be interested in this book?

Bill Howard


To: William L. Howard <>

Subject: New book English version

Date: Sunday, December 21, 1997 9:58 AM






Because I am not a native Anglo-Saxon, hence not the right person to translate this book,  but probably we can arrange, via the most advanced way, this handicap!!



If we can find somebody who can do so, we probably can  prepare an abridgement (or full translation) of the content of each page. We can store this on a CD Rom (or on a diskette), but would the market be sufficient, so that  it will commercially be a success? Such CD (or diskette) could be

added to the book. If we can't sell 1000 books, it is useless to think about this project.



What is your opinion?








     There are about 300 radio collectors on the internet that I know of.  Many more not on the internet.  We also have an organization in this area called "Shark Hunters" who are very interested in German U-Boats and their history. I do not know how many are in this group but I think they have

chapters all over the USA.  I will have to check on this for you but it will take some time.



     There are probably many more people in England who would be interested and then there must be many Europeans who speak English as a second language

and do not know German.



     Then we have the U 505 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and this would be an ideal book for them to carry in their gift shop. There are also several places that sell radio related books such as Antique Electronic Supply in Tempe, Arizona and there is also Manion's Auction which has many books on various German related topics.



     The book on the Panther tank, originally published in German, was translated into English and has done quite well. 



     Barger's books on German Radios have already gone into their third printing so there must be people out there who buy them and would probably buy your book.

     I will check on Sharkhunters for you but it may be next year before I get you an answer.



Bill Howard


e-mail Telephone AC 813 585-7756


From: Arthur O. Bauer <>


Ed) if you have an interest in this book, or it's English translation, I would suggest that you send a message to the author at the above address.




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