Cryptographic Collection Equipments

Naval Education & Training Command


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This training manual is an expanded version of NAVEDTRA 10231-A.  It's intended as part of the education of the Cryptologic Technician (T&R Branch) at E-4 & E-5 level.  This manual was revised in 1977.

Preparation of CD

A lot of work has gone into cleaning and gamma adjusting all the images.  There are extensive bookmarks for: Chapters and sub chapter items, all the illustrations and all the tables.  The index is linked back to the pages referenced.  But the key thing is the addition of an enhanced Table of Contents that has up to two levels of indent.  This means you see the equipment nomenclature in the TOC.

Note that hard copy has NO: detailed TOC.  NO list of figures.  NO list of tables.  These have all been added to make it very easy to use this 216+ page document on a computer.  Much easier than using it as a hard copy.

Table of Contents Items

Note that there is typically a photo of every piece of equipment and for most a front panel drawing showing the controls, indicators and their function.  Threading diagrams for paper and mag tape as well as paper as drawings.

1.      Introduction to Cryptologic Equipments
a.      Communication Equipment Categories 
b.      Special Purpose Equipment
c.      Equipment Nomenclature
d.      Operator Preventive Maintenance

2.      Transmission Lines, Multicoupling Devices and Antennas
a.      Transmission Lines
b.      Multicouplers
c.      Antennas

3.      Introduction to Receivers
a.      Functions
b.      Characteristics
c.      Basic Superhetrodyne
d.      Stages
e.      R-390A/URR
f.       R-1279/URR
g.      URR-52B
h.      WLR-1 Countermeasures
i.       R-1051/URR
j.       R-1513 HF
k.      R-1401A/G  VLF
l.       R-1307/GR

4.      Demodulators, Rekeyers, and Demultiplexers
a.      Demodulators
         i.     FRA-86  DFSK
         ii.     CV-157/URR  SSB
b.      Rekeyers
        i.     CV-1627  2-Chan
c.      Demultiplexers
        i.     FGC-78
        ii.     TCA-4 KINDER

5.      Teletypewriters
a.      Model 28 Family
           i.     UGC-49  ASR
          ii.     UGC-50  RO
         iii.     UGC-51  KSR
         iv.     TT-470  ASR GSQ-76
         v.     TT-471  KSR  GSQ-76
b.      Model 40 Family
         i.     Keyboard Display & Keyboard Print
        ii.     Local Operations

6.      Magnetic Tape Recorders
a.      Introduction
b.      Principles
c.      Tape Properties
d.      Frequency Response
e.      Basic Recorder
f.       Multitrack Recorders
g.      Erasing
h.      TNH-11
i.       GSH-19
j.       UNQ-7E
k.      TNH-20(V)
l.       GSH-28(V)
m.    RD-289

7.      Signal Analysis Equipment
a.      GSH-14 Audio S.A.
b.      GSH-23A(V) Audio S.A.
c.      RO-240/U Signal Data Recorder
d.      RD-112A/U Paper Tape Rec
e.      Honeywell 1508 Oscillograph

8.      Special Purpose Equipment
             i.     Tek 545B
            ii.     Tek Type L Vert Plug-in
            iii.     AN/GSQ-53 Time signal Set
            iv.     HP 651 Audio Osc
            v.     HP 5532 Nixie Tube Counter

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