HP 5216A 12.5 MHz Electronic Counter

©Brooke Clarke, N6GCE


General Information

The HP 5216A is a counter that is constructed using double sided printed circuit boards and Dual Inline Package ICs.
The display consists of 7 Nixie tubes.  The printed circuit baord extends out the back and a card edge connector can be used to pickup 4 data bits for each display digit thus allowing a remote device to read the display.  There is no provision to set any of the front panel controls remotly.

On the right side there is a 1 MHz Bliley crystal and it's fine adjustment variable capicator that are part of the internal time base. This crystal may be the same one as is used on the HP 8406A Comb Generator.

The HP 5221 is a very similar counter but with less functionality.




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