AS-3588/GRC-206 VHF-AM & UHF-AM Antenna

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Fig 1
AS-3588/GRC-206 VHF-FM & UHF-AM Antenna
Fig 2
AS-3588/GRC-206 VHF-FM & UHF-AM Antenna
Fig 3
AS-3588/GRC-206 VHF-FM & UHF-AM Antenna
Fig 4
AS-3588/GRC-206 VHF-FM & UHF-AM Antenna & W5 UHF-AM Cable


The GRC-206 (on the PRC-104 web page, on the MT-6250 web page) radio system includes a pair of VRC-83 radios where one of them is dedicated to the VHF-AM aircraft band and the other is dedicated to the UHF-AM aircraft band.  This antenna is a combined VHF-AM and UHF-AM aircraft antenna that serves both radios.

The Bayonet type connector is for the UHF radio and the Type-N is for the VHF radio.  The W6 Cable is for UHF and shown connected to the bayonet connector in Fig 4 above.

It's 2-3/4" diameter and 29" above the mounting flange.


AS-( )/GRC-206
MFR: 67096
SER: 083


Source:  Mike Murphy

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