Chinese Spouting Bowl


Tibetan Singing Bowl

Brooke Clarke 2010 - 2022

Taken with Nikon D300s & SB-900 Manual
Chinese Spouting Bowl in Action
                  Spouting Bowl
Taken using hi-speed FP 1/320
Chinese Spouting Bowl
After adding non slip feet at the nodes.
                  Spouting Bowl with added non-slip feet
Chinese Spouting Bowl
Klein Bottle
Tibetan Singing Bowl

Chinese Spouting Bowl


Watched a TED Talk by Clifford Stoll "Clifford Stoll on ... everything" and on his TED profile page are listed some of his web sites including his Klein Bottle page where I found this Chinese Spouting Bowl.


My first try after washing my hands with soap so they were very clean did not work.  At that time the water level was a couple of inches lower than shown above.  In the photo the water level is up to the horizontal line in the bowl (I assume it's a fill to here line).  When the handles are rubbed in a front to back motion the bowl resonates (similar to rubbing the edge of a wine glass) and the water jumps.

The bubble wrap isolates the bowl from the counter top allowing it to vibrate.

Note in the photo above (click on it for a larger version) the white dots are water drops.

Slipp'n and Slid'n

3 Nov 2010 - The metal bowl will slide on a counter top.  Using bubble wrap (my first attempt) did not work well because the bowl still moved.  A wet towel might be better but would damp the vibrations.  A simple fix is to use "Self Adhesive Anti-Skid Pads" (Shepherd 9970 from Home Depot).  Placed at the nodes, i.e. along a line between the center of the two handles and along a line at right angles to that line.  See photo above.

PS It's easy to dump the water into a spaghetti cooker.

Clean Hands

Prior to rubbing the handles you MUST clean your hands in soap and water.  A second cleaning so they are "squeaky" clean is a good idea.  Remember you don't need to dry your hands.


First try With bubble wrap.

Chinese Spouting Bowl

 - does not hold bowl

Chinese Spouting Bowl with non-skid Feet

 instead of bubble wrap. 320x216   "it works a LOT better"

Chinese Spouting Bowl with Feet 640x424 resolution -

Higher resolution takes a l-o-n-g t-i-m-e to upload when you have a poor internet connection.

Chinese Bowls Stereo Mike -

Singing Bowl & Spouting bowl

Singing Bowls

Hitting both the singing bowl and the bronze bowl to see what sounds they make.

Klein Bottle

The Chinese Spouting Bowl came from Acme Klein Bottles, so it's only fair that I get a Klein Bottle (Wiki) from Cliff.
This is the Baby size which is about 4.5" (114mm) high.  I choose that size in the hopes it would be less likely to break than one of the larger sizes.
It seems to be very rugged.

These are very hard to photograph.

Acme Klein

Tibetan Singing Bowl (Solar Chakra)

                8 Inch Singing Bowl (Solar Chakra)
The knocker is broken because the grain runs diagonally.  Has been glued back together. (eBay seller replaced with a new one with the grain running on the long axis)
PS see Chakra on Faradic web page Quack Ideas paragraph.


These are sold on eBay related to Chakra stimulation (Wiki, my Quack info).  Got it just for the sound.


Steve Mould - The squeaky clean effect - the chinese spouting bowl -

Educational Innovations Inc - Chinese Spouting Bowl -

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