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Rockwell Automation was responsible for the Retro-Encabulator1 which was an attempt to copy the original G.E. Turbo-Encabulator2 (Wiki).  GE based their design on the paper The turbo-encabulator in industry3.    Note that the paper cites prior references4 going back to 1914, so the technology has been around for some time.  The purpose of all the Encabulators is to not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters.

Note that the Wobulator, as used in the Jerrold 900 series sweep generators is a different, although similar, device.   After W.W. II the ATN-1 wobulator was on the surplus market and some of these may have been converted into encabulators, although I don't recall seeing that in the Surplus Conversion Manuals that were popular in the 1950s.   In Surplus Conversion Manual Vol. 3 page 19, the section on the APN-1 Tail Warning Transmitter, has some information on the wobulator (Y-101).  The gonkulator is a completely different device and should not be confused with the other devices with similar names.  The Interocitor is completly different from the encabulator and is used for different purposes.

The G.E. Turbo-encabulator had a number of problems and these were clearly stated in the GE data sheet2.  For example on page 2 in the Application section:

Measuring Inverse Reactive Current

CAUTION: Because of the replenerative flow characteristics of positive ions in unilateral phase detractors, the use of the quasistatic regeneration oscillator is recommended if Turboencabulator is used in explosive atmospheres.

Reduction of sinusoidal Depleneration

Before use, the system should be calibrated with a gyro-controlled Sine-Wave Director, the output of which should be of the cathode follower type. 

Note: If only Cosine-wave Directors are available, their output must be first fed into a Phase Inverter with parametric negative time compensators.

Caution: Only Phase Inverters with an output conductance of 17.8 +/- 1 millimhos should be employed so as to match the characteristics of the quasistatic regeneration oscillators.

Voltage Levels above 750 V:  Do Not Use Caged Resistors to get within self-contained rating of Turboencabulator.  Do use sequential transformers.  See HBK-8005.

Multiple Ratings Optionally available in multiples of π (3.141593) and е (2.71828).  If binary or other number-base systems rations are required, refer to factory for availability and pricing.

Conjometric Data, Upon Request curves are supplied, at additional charge, for regions wherein the molecular MFP (Mean Free Path) is between 1.6 and 19.62 Angstrom units.  Curves, relevant to regions outside the above listed range may be obtained from: Torricelli Barometer Works, Ltd. (TTD-3), London, W.C. 1, England  In Canada address request to:  Turboencabuletors, Canadian-Francis Ltd., 496 Jean de Quen, Quebec 10, P.Q.

So it's clear that the G.E. Turboencabulator had some problems and maybe that's why they are not often found on eBay.  Some have claimed that the GE Turboencabulator, in secret, made use of the Signetics 25120 WOM17 but I have not been able to find any information about that.  Rumor has it that GE did use either the Umac 60618 or  Wemac 1Z2Z19 in the early versions and this very well have been the case and would explain why the early units worked better than the later units.

The Rockwell Automation Retro-Encabulator was much larger than than the GE unit and runs on mains A.C. power.  But again there were problems that are apparent in the video presentation.  Here are some comments from Engadget on the Rockwell Retro-Encabulator.

Description of the Digital-Retro-Turbo-Encabulator5

By Combining the best features of the older Encabulators and using modern MOMS6 Silicon-Galladium-Barsite (SGB) technology the inverse reactive current is supplied in a much more precise manner.  The use of a micro controller provides much improved regulation of the cardinal grammeter's synchronization and results in the status LED blinking in a very regular manner7, thus confirming that the current is reacting properly.

Note that the
base plate of prefabulated amulite, surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing is no longer required and has been replaced with a sprang mode planar board with cromosote coating thus negating any adverse effects of capacitive detractance between the micro miniaturized marzal vanes.
Instead of requiring A.C. mains power the
Digital-Retro-Turbo-Encabulator can be powered by the common 9 volt battery8 found worldwide.  Thus there is no need for international A.C. power adapters or the worry about letting the smoke out9.

7 Aug 2006 - There has recently been a discussion about the gonkulator on the HP-Agilent_equipment Yahoo group and the problems that might be encountered if more than one gonkulator is stored near another one.  This is also the case for encabulators, so you do want to keep them apart by at least 1 meter at all times.

Ordering Information

As of 25 April 2006 the new Encabulator is in development.  There are still some bugs that need to be worked out with the marzal vanes.

8 May 2006 - There's been a major setback and the Encabulator will not be ready to ship for some time.  If you have sent in your $1,000 deposit and wish a refund, no problem.  Just mail me your order confirmation number, credit card number, PIN number, mailing address, mother's maiden name, the name of your first born son, the pink slips for all of your cars and your phone number and I'll process your refund check right away.

Customer Service

All Encabulators are serial numbered and there will be a 24/7 phone support system in place to help in the unlikely event of any problems.  All Encabulators come with a full limited warranty (Batteries and marzal vanes are not included in the warrenty).


There is an on line video that covers both the theory of operation and repair procedure for the Chrysler  Mopar  Turbo-Encabulator  A-604  Transaxle.

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Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

This is a controversial area.  On one hand there are those who firmly believe that the AFDB is a great help in a number of areas10.  But a study at MIT seems to show that the AFDB does not provide protection for some frequencies that are allocated for government use11.  But the MIT study has a rebuttal paper that points out some problems12.

In the Movie Enemy of the State all the words and deeds by the ex NSA operative (Gene Hackman) seem to be technically correct just as the words by the Japanese sympathizer (Sean Connery) in the movie Rising Sun are true.  So when in "Enemy of the State" Hackman uses a junk food foil package to shield the tracking devices from the bad guys, it's probably a technically correct idea.

Black Helicopters

These have shown up in a number of movies.  The one that comes to mind is Conspiracy Theory.  There's a web page devoted to Black Helicopters13. that even has Black Helicopter autopsy photos14. Cypher is another movie showing a black helicopter that looks very much like the one in the autopsy.


See my Flashlight & Patents web page for a little about the Neuralizer.


The various methods are described in AFRL-PR-ED-TR-2003-0034 "Teleportation Physics Study" special report 25-11-2003 by Eridc W. Davis.  Some of the concepts are closely related, if  not identical, to those used in Encabulators.
FAS - Teleportation Physics Study


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During any semiconductor process high temperatures are used.  If you get a chance to tour a fabrication facility you may see a "carbon boat" being heated to red hot temperatures by means of a 13.6 MHz RF field.  It's clearly the case that the carbon is transferred to the device being heated in the form of carbon smoke.  When in normal operation if the device gets to the same temperature the smoke will come out returning the device to a non working status.
Footnotes to the Footnotes
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