Datron World Communications Inc.

This is a Docking Station for the Datron PRC1060/70/80 Squad Radios.
This series is very similar to the PRC68/126 series of radios so should work with them if some modifications are made.
These might be done so that the operation of the MT1060DS would be the same with a Datron radio and still work witht the PRC-68 seires radios.

When using a Squad Radio in a vehicle, the use of a microphone, like the M-80, is much more convenient than using the handset (H-250) or trying to speak into the radio microphone and operate the radio PTT switch.  Since it would be good to power the radio from the vehicle 13.6 Volt supply something needs to be added between the radio and the mic.  It may be that the LS-454 would allow power to be routed to the radio, the M-80 mic connected and a better quality speaker would be used.

Powered unit with +12.0 Volts from anode of big diode and connected a handset.
Current draw is 80 ma in Rx mode and 110 ma in Tx mode with no speaker or radio attached.
Got a MT1060DS-MS manual from Mike Murphy.

In this photo you can see the power amplifier on the left under a squad radio.  On the right is the MT1060DS with a squad radio installed. A PRC-68 or PRC-126 will not fit into the slot because they are wider where the battery fasteners are located.  Note that the top of the radio points to the back and for a PRC-68 series radio you can not easily change the volume or channel controls.  Even for the 1060 series radio it looks like it would be difficult.

Front Panel

Bendix 9507 PT02E-12-10S (does mate with Newark 93F3378)
The Newark p/n 93F3378 includes the ITTC  MS3116F12-10P connector and the Cannon p/n 057-3007-000 end bell assembly
interface connection to MT1060MM 35 Watt RF Power Amplifier
A - J4#1 - Ground
B - J4#2
C - J4#3 - 8.2 VDC Rx, 0 VDC Tx (handset PTT depressed, you can hear T/R relay in MT1060MM)
D - J4#4
E - J4#5
F - J4#6
G - J4 no contact
H - J4#8 - 11.75 Volts when PWR ON
J - J4#9 - 4 Ohms to ground
K - J4#10
J11 - MM-RF
to vehicle ANT
This is a DC open connection. E2 on PCB


Crown 3102A10SL (does mate with Newark 50F2540 (includes both MS3106F10SL-4P & MS3106E-10SL clamp))
A- hot Positive DC input (voltage range 10 to 16 VDC) - J5#2
B - Ground - J5#1
J7 - U-182 - EXT SPKR
An LS-454 or equivalent should work here.
A - Gnd - J7#1 - ground
B - J7#2 = J7#3 -\
                            --- Speaker hot
C - J7#3 = J7#2 -/
D - n.c.
E - n.c.
F - n.c.
Top Panel -
J3 - U-182 - HANDSET
Uses standard U-229 type handsets like the H-251.
A - J3#1 - ground
B - J3#2 - ear piece
C - J3#3 - PTT
D - J3 - Mic
E - n.c.
F - n.c.
J3#5 - gnd
J3#6 & 7 - n.c.
J6#1 & 2 - short for SPKR ON
J6#3 & 4 - short for PWR ON
J9 - open for AMP ON
J8 - 10 k Ohm pot, wiper on center
Back Panel -
J2 - Squad Radio Interface
Bendix 9507 PT02E-12-10S (does mate with Newark 93F3378)
The Newark p/n 93F3378 includes the ITTC  MS3116F12-10P connector and the Cannon p/n 057-3007-000 end bell assembly
A - J2#1 = gnd [wire to U-183 A - gnd]
B - J2#2 = EAR - 1 k Ohm to gnd to turn off the radio internal speaker [wire to U-183 B-ear]
C - J2#3 = PTT +8.2 VDC Rx, 0 VDC Tx  [wire to U-183 C with a 5 V Zener diode cathode on line, anode to ground]
D - J2#4 = MIC +3.8 VDC [wire to  U-183 D-mic]
E - J2#5 = Gnd for Mice [N.C. U-183]
F - J2#6 = digital from PRC1060, -0.2 VDC [N.C. U-183]
G - J2#7 = digital to PRC1060, +0.2 VDC [N.C. U-183]
H - n.c.\
J - n.c.   |- [inside MT1060DS add a wire from (L1 C2 end) to pick up +13.6 VDC to one of these cable to U-183 E-Ext Pwr &]
K - n.c./
                        [N.C. to U-183 F-Fill]
J1 - BNC(f)
E1 on PCB
 to Squad Radio ANT connector stock version has +8.4 VDC to power Datron PRC1060/70/80 Squad Radios.
In the coax cable between the MT1060DS and the Squad radio there needs to be a series .01 uF cap and 1.8 K Ohm to ground on the squad radio side of the cap. This needs to be done maintaining the 50 Ohm impedance of the coax.
Bottom cover removed showing Printed Circuit Board -
In the upper left corner is anLT1084CP is a 5 Amp low dropout voltage regulator. 670 K Ohms & 120 Ohms on set pin.
At the bottom center is D1 anode wired from the DC PWR IN pin A and cathode (banded ned) goes to the Vin terminal of the LT1084.
In the upper right corner is a 74HC00 with Jumper 1 and Jumper 2 nearby. Some type of logic options?
In the upper center is a Motorola 14066B, maybe an audio switch?
On the left middle is a 5 terminal STTDA2002, 10 Watt audio amplifier, operating from 18 VDC.
In the lower left is relay K1, maybe direct RF to ant or power amp, or T/R relay?
in the lower right is an 33078 and some analog circuitry, maybe part of the speaker amplifier?

Modifications for use with PRC-126