Light Output & Battery Tester
SDU-5/E Strobe Light

©Brooke Clarke, N6GCE

General Information

This test set made by ACR Electronics tests the frequency of the flashes of the SDU-5/E  Light Marker, Distress and as a seperate test checks the BA-1574/U Mercury battery.

In order to take the photo with the SDU-5/E installed and working the lanyard was used to hold the strobe down otherwise the trap door over the light chamber would lift the SDU-5/E out.  The flash test appears to measure the time between flashes with a specified display number between 100 and 150 being the acceptance range.

Battery Power & Battery Test

On the left side of the TS-23 there is a socket that accepts the BA-1574/U,  BA-5374/U or the 5BA Battery Adapter to power the test set.
This socket has a protective loop labeled "test set power".
On the right side is another socket with a label on the test set front panel "battery test port --->" for a battery to be tested.

Theory of Operation

An 8035 microcontroller is used along with an LM324 op amp and a photo transistor.  There is a microswitch that senses that the trap door is open = SDU-5/E stobe is installed.

When the "PUSH TO TEST" switch is presse and held for about 5 seconds either the Green PASS or red FAIL LED wil light to indicate the condition of a BA-1574/U Mercury battery.  The TS23 will NOT test LiSO2 batteries or LiMnO2 photo 123 batteries like used with the 5BA battery adapter.

Related Test Equipment

The BT-2B Battery Tester is a battery tester that can test the BA-1574/U.

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