APX-6 IFF Transponder

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APX-6 IFF Transponder

    Transponder Modes
    Microwave Tubes
    AM-78/APX-6  IF Strip
    RF-29/APX-6 Microwave Assembly
    C-544/APX-6 Control Panel
    TPX-6 Antennas
    System Components
C-1158/APX Control Panel
TS-1314/U Transponder Test Set for AN/APX-44
TS-1843A/APX Transponder Test Set
    Stewart-Warner IFF Patents
    Navy IFF Patents
    After APX-6


This web page is here because of the generosity of E.M. who sent me this APX-6.


This unit contains a number of features that have migrated into the present day.  I think it's an important milestone device.


A transponder (Wiki) "is a device that, upon receiving a signal, emits a different signal in response."
Secondary surveillance radar (Wiki)
Transponder: Rx: 1030 MHz, Tx: 1090

 The FasTrak Vehicle ID Transponder is an example.  This is different from an RFID (Wiki) device in that RFID gets it's power from the interrogation signal, i.e. it has no battery or source of power.  Transponders are used in aircraft navigation systems such as ADS-B (Wiki) wjich is a direct decedent of this system.

Transponder Modes

This relates to the gap between the two challenge pulses and to the number of reply pulses, always separated by 16 us.

 Standard Reply
No. of Pulses
Emergency Reply
No. of Pulses


4 digit Octal ID
Squawk code
adds altitude







From: Ref 3, Wiki: IFF-modes, Aviation transponder interrogation modes, Secondary Surveilance RADAR\Interrogation modes


Identification Friend or Foe (Wiki: IFF) "It uses a transponder that listens for an interrogation signal and then sends a response that identifies the broadcaster."  This key idea is that the interrogation signal needs to be something the enemy can not easily generate.  If the enemy found a way to trigger a transponder response then that response could be used to target that vehicle.  One way that was done was using code wheels that might be changed on a daily basis to modulate the interrogation signal.

This compatible with Secondary Surveillance RADAR (Wiki).

The British Mk I IFF system was developed in parallel with the first Plan Position Indicator (Wiki, Ref 6 - pg58)

Louis Alan Hazeltine (Wiki) - Hazeltine Corporation (Wiki) - Neutrodyne (Wiki) -  Hazeltine Corp made Radio & Television sets.


This Selective Identification Feature (Wiki: IFF Mk X) enhances how the transponder responds to the interrogator by adding newer modes than 1, 2 & 3 that include an aircraft 4 digit Octal ID
Squawk code.  This is typically assigned by Air Traffic Control, but there are reserved codes for various special situations.



Receive range 960 - 1150 Mc.

Microwave Tubes

2C42 (2C42.pdf)

Transmit tube.
"The 2C42 is a three-electrode tube of the disk-seal type designed for stable operation as a plate-pulsed oscillator at frequencies up to 1300 megacycles."
Typical Plate voltage 3,000V.
Typical peak output power 1,750 Watts @ 1050 Mc.
For 1090 MHz Tx, set dial to 650
The Antenna cavity can be set half way between Tx of 1090 and Rx of 1030, or 1060 MHz, Dial = 525
LO is set 60 MHz away from Rx so either 1090 or 970, i.e. Dial = 850 or 100.

The 2C42 and 2C46 have the same outline.  These are also known as Lighthouse tubes (Wiki).


1B40 (1B40.pdf)

NSN: 5960-00-237-2414
AF 33(600)37650  July, 1956

T/R switching (Wiki) tube.
"The 1B40 is an Argon filled gas switching tube of the separate cavity type."
Ignition Voltage: 250 volts max.
Keep-Alive Current with 300 Vdc & 0.47 Meg limiting resistor: 180 uA min, 320 uA max.
Leakage Power with 500 Watts @ 1050 Mc peak input power, 1000 PPS, 1.0 us pulse width: 0.7 micro Watts continuous max.
Insertion Loss @ 1080 Mc.:  1.0 dB max.
Photo showing purple glow when biased (Industrial Alchemy - Spark Gap Tubes, Trigger Tubes & Passives - 1B40)
Fig 1
JAN-CBNQ-1B40 T/R Tube
Fig 2 Radioactive.  Do not remove from
carton except for use or inspection.  Do no handle
 broken tubes.
Radiation Detectors (ORAU, Radioactive Electronic Tubes: the 1B24 uses Ra226 (Wiki)

One each Electron Tube
Mfd. by BOMAC Labratories Inc.
Date Pkd>   5   56
JAN-CBNQ-1B40 T/R Tube
Fig 3 JAN-CBNQ-1B40
JAN-CBNQ-1B40 T/R Tube

2C46 (2C46.pdf)

"The 2C46 is a three-electrode tube of the disk-seal type designed for use in a specific cavity for stable local-oscillator service between 1000 and 1200 megacycles."
Typical DC plate voltage: 150 @ 8 to 40 mA.

2E39 Modulator

AM-78/APX-6  IF Strip

RF-29/APX-6 Microwave Assembly


These three explosive charges are labeled on the front panel.  They are set off when a voltage is applied to the destruct terminals from an external source.  That source might be the "Destruct" switch on the C-544/APX-6 control panel, or from an aircraft impact or crash switch.  The idea is that the explosion will destroy the setting of the three cavities that make up the RF-29/APX-6 Microwave Assembly which is the only classified part of the aircraft transponder.  That's to say the APX-6 does not use any cryptography in the challenge or response.

The GSQ-160 Vietnam era outdoor intrusion detector contains a small explosive charge (Atlas MMS) that will make the unit inoperable if someone tampers with it.  This prevents the enemy from using it against us.

Most Sonobuoys use squibs (Wiki) to release spring tension but they are typically just a electrical resistor that is way overpowered and so gets hot and breaks, typically allowing a lanyard to be released.

Impact Switch Patents

2236872 Impact switch, Owen E Grigsby, 1941-04-01, -
2236959 Inertia element operated device, Salmond Hubert Mackenzie, Mathisen Anders, Graviner, 1941-04-01, -
2741674 Impact switch, Eugene D Richard, Army, 1956-04-10, - grenade fuze

C-544/APX-6 Control Panel

APX-6 Antennas

AT-234/APX Transponder Flush Mount Antenna
AT-234/APX Transponder Antenna
AT-234/APX Transponder Flush Mount Antenna
AT-234/APX Transponder Antenna
AS-133/APX Transponder Blade Antenna
AS-133/APX Transponder Antenna



Fig 1 Front Panel
APX-6 IFF Transponder
Fig 2 Inside Side View
APX-6 IFF Transponder
Fig 3 Inside Rear View, center tube missing
V-402 (1B40) Missing (1B40.pdf) & phenolic cap
APX-6 IFF Transponder
Fig 4 Inside Front View
Left to Right:
2C42, 1B40, 2C48
APX-6 IFF Transponder

C-1158/APX Control Panel

This was used with the APX-25 IFF which is basically the APX-6 with the addition of an external KY-95 coder (Vintage Avionics \ AN/APX-25) and the removal of the destruct charges.  This was to add the Selective Identification Feature (Wiki: SIF) for use with PPI (Wiki) displays that show the four octal digit squawk code.  The Destruct switch has been removed in this version. 

Fig 1
                      IFF Control Panel
Fig 2
                      IFF Control Panel
Fig 3
                      IFF Control Panel

TS-1314/U Transponder Test Set for AN/APX-44

This test set is built around the C-2714/APX-44 Control Panel. (Vintage Avionics \ AN/APX-44). 
The major sections are:
1. 28 VDC power to the C-2714.
2. An RF section that takes in 1090 Mc from APX-44 antenna, and 1030 Mc from VHF Sig Gen (TS-419: 0.9 to 2.1 GHz) and combines them with a directional coupler.  The combined signal is split into 3 paths: (P11) RF output to APM-123 Transponder Test Set Probe-11 (TM 11-6625-6678-12, Ref 7); (J21) demodulated RF to power meter TS-731/URM, (J13) RF output.
3. P23 to APX-44.

Fig 1
TS-1314/U Transponder Test Set for AN/APX-44
Fig 2
TS-1314/U Transponder Test Set for AN/APX-44
Fig 3
TS-1314/U Transponder Test Set for AN/APX-44
Fig 4
TS-1314/U Transponder Test Set for AN/APX-44

Transponder Test Set TS-1843A/APX

This came with an R-13 Aircraft VHF AM receiver with a number of Hazeltine patents.  It appears Hazeltine was involved in AM radio and television prior to their IFF work.  This makes sense since TV makes use of VHF/UHF and pulse signals for horizontal and vertical synchronization.


TS-1843A/APX                 Serial No.  2032
Env Cat. ABBAAAE     Class 1
Weight 3.0 lbs
Stewart-Warner Electronics    Chicago, Ill.


Fig 1
Transponder Test Set TS-1843A/APX
Fig 2
RF Out
Transponder Test Set TS-1843A/APX
Fig 3
Transponder Test Set TS-1843A/APX
Fig 4
Transponder Test Set TS-1843A/APX
Fig 5
Transponder Test Set TS-1843A/APX
Fig 6 newest date code: 1969
Transponder Test Set TS-1843A/APX




Stewart Warner Patents that might lead to IFF related patents

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Navy IFF Patents

3870995 Electronic countermeasures system, Robert L Nielson, Navy, 1975-03-11, - separates jamming Tx from interfering with itself.

3905035 Electronic countermeasure system, Howard D Krumboltz, Clayton W Merrill, Navy, App: 1966-03-31, Vietnam era IFF, Pub: 1975-09-09, -

Cites 3025516 above

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All the patent numbers on the R-13B (28V) 108 - 135 Mc ARC Receiver are assigned to Hazeltine.

The RCA Transponder Test Set TS-1843A/APX does not have patent numbers.

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After APX-6

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Agilent E4404B ESA-E 9kHz - 6.7 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
FasTrak Vehicle ID Transponder
Gamewell - Code Wheels


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pg 13: the system shown is not the APX-6.
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AN/APM-123(V)1 (FSN 6625-948-0071) - Army power cables
AN/APM-123(V)2 (FSN 6625-948-0077) - Navy power cables
AN/APM-123(V)3 (FSN 6625-948-0076) - AF power cables
June 1974, w/ C3 28 March 1977; C2  4 December 1975; and C1 3 December 1974.  (Liberated Manuals: TM-11-6625-667-12.pdf)
For checking AN/APX-44, DOD AIMS AN/APX-64 and AN/APX-72. The test set provides coded radio-frequency (RF) interrogation signals to check the transponder set P4610.19B and DSAR 4500.15.

Tx: 1030 MHz @ - 6 dBm
Sidelobe suppression type: 3 pulse
PRF: 230 pps
Pulse output group: 2 (P1 & P3) without sidelobe suppression or (P1, P2 & P3) with sidelobe suppression.
Pulse spacing (P1 & P3):
Mode 1: 2 us
Mode 2: 5 us
Mode 3/A: 8 us
Mode C: 21 us
TEST: 6.5 us
       4: Modulation from ext source.
Sidelobe suppression pulse spacing (P1 & P2): 2.0 us
Rx: 1090 MHz
-3 dB bandwidth: 6.5 MHz
Sensitivity: -9 dBm
Gating: only for duration replies
Decoding: Codes 0000 to 7777 including emergency and identity

TS-1809/APM-123 Power Requirements:
AC: 115 VAC 50 - 420 Hz, 0.5 Amp
DC: 28 +/-3 VDC 1.5 Amps
Ref 8. TM 11-487, Electrical Communication Systems Equipment, War Dept, 2 October 1944, 537 pgs (Radio Nerds: TM_11-487_OCTOBER_1944.pdf) - does NOT have APX-1
    Ch 1. Purpose & Scope
    Ch 2. Illustrative Problems
    Ch 3. Telephone Station Equipment
    Ch 4. Telephone Centrals
    Ch 5. Portable AWS Information Centers
    Ch 6. Wire & Cable & Construction Information
    Ch 7. European & US Cables & Loading Systems
    Ch 8. Electrical Protective Equipment
    Ch 9. Telephone Line Transmission Equipment
    Ch 10. Telegraph Equipment (& TTY)
    Ch 11 Facsimile Equipment
    Ch 12 Power Equipment - Generators, inverters,batteries, Battery Terminals,
    Ch 13 Maintenance Supplies- Test Sets,
    Ch 14 Radio Equipment
       S1 General -
        S2 Tactical Radio Sets for Ground Use - SCR-nnn, BC-nnn,
        S3 Fixed Plant Radio Equipment
        S4 Antennas & Associated Equipment
    Index -

TM 11-487C-1 Military Standardization Handbook United States Radar Equipment, 15 Dec 1960, 1531 pgs. (Liberated Manuals: TM-11-487C-1.pdf)
    S1 Ground
    S2 Airborne
        APX-1 IFF
        APX-6 IFF
Technical Manuals: AN16-30.2APX6-3
Technical Orders: 12P4-2APX6-1, 12P4-2APX6-2, 12P4-2APX6-3, 12P4-2APX6-506, 12P4-2A PX6-5O6B, 12P4-2APX6-506C, 12P4-2APX6-506D
Specifications: MIL-R-6335B

"The primary purpose of Radar Set AN/APX-6 is to enable the airplane in which it is installed, to identify itself automatically as friendly whenever it is properly challenged by suitable equipped friendly surface and airborne radars.  Two supplementary purposes of the equipment are:
Two (sic) provide two separate channels for the identification of specific friendly airplanes among many friendly planes, and
to provide means for transmitting a special reply referred to as "emergency".
    Navy APX-7 IFF - C-1040 Control, B-47, B-52 - RC-121D & H and C130 aircraft
Technical Manuals: 12P4-2APX7-1, 12P4-2APX7-2, 12P4-2APX7-2C, 12P4-2APX7-2D, 12P4-2APX7-2E, 12P4-2APX7-3, 12P4-2APX7-4, 12P4-2APX7-4C, 12P4-2APX7-14
Specifications: MIL-I-5532
   AF  APX-25 IFF - Similar to AN/APX-6 and replaced by AN/APX-25A.
Components: RT-279/APX-25, C-1158/APX-25, AT-234/A PX-25, KY-95/APX-25, C-112B/APX-25, MT-362A/A
TO: 12P4-2APX25-2, 12P4-2APX25-2C, 12P4-2APX25-2E, 12P4-2APX25-2F, 12P4-2APX25-3, 12P4-2APX25-3C, 12P4-2APX25-4C, 12P4-2APX25-501, 12P4-2APX25-501B
Specifications: MIL-I-2534B
    AF APX-25A IFF - The AN/APX-25A is similar to AN/APX-6, and replaces the AN/APX-25. C130, C135, KC135, F105, T-39A & B
Components: RT-279/APX, C-1158/APX, AS-133/APX or AT-234/APX, MT-362A/A, KY-95/APX-25, F-245/APX-25
Technical Manuals: 12P4-1-1, 12P4-2APX25- Series
Specifications: MIL-C-25341A, MIL-T-25036, MIL-T-25348, MIL-M-25460A, MIL-C-8327A
    APX-26 IFF - This air-to-air identification system consists of an interrogator and a cooperative transponder operating in the X-band. It is operated in conjunction with a separate radar set, and uses the radar antenna and indicator to display identification information. B-52

    APX-28 IFF Interrogrator - Interrogator Set AN/APX-28 is an IFF Mark X interrogation set intended for use in interrogating Radar Identification Set AN/APX-6 and presenting visual indication of the range and azimuth of the AN/APX-6 reply source for air-to-air rendezvous of aircraft. 

Detailed operation of most of the stages in Interrogator Set AN/APX-28 are similar to the operation of like stages in Radar Identification Set AN/APX-6. The RT-198B/ UPX-7 is identical to the RT unit used in AN/UPX-7. Interrogator Set AN/APX-29A can be used by Air Rescue Service as a replacement for AN/APX-28 equipment
Components: RT-198B/UPX-7, MT-1439/A, C-774A/UPX-7, r IP-219/APX, AS-624/APX, AS-625/APX, SA-314/APX, MT-11B9/U,  FT-4O9/U
    APX-29A IFF Interrogrator - The Interrogator Set AN/APX-29A is an airborne interrogator-responder to be used in conjunction with Radar Identification Sets AN/APX-6 or AN/APX-25 for air-to-air rendezvous of aircraft.

Interrogator Set AN/APX-29A replaces the AN/APX28 and the AN/APX-29. AN/APX-29A uses components of the AN/APS-10 and AN/ UPX-7

    APX-35() IFF Transponder - C-1128 or C-1158;

    APX-37 IFF Transponder- C-1128 or C-1158;  The transponder set provides for the reception, detection, and decoding of IFF Mark X, interrogation, the coding of IFF Mark X replies, and the transmission of the coded reply.

    APX-46(V) IFF Transponder - Transponder Set AN/APX-46(V) is a lightweight airborne IFF equipment consisting of either radio receiver-transmitter RT556/APX-46 or radio receiver transmitter RT-555/APX-46, and coder group control C-1128/APX-25 and transponder set control C-1158/APX. This set provides for the reception, detection, decoding, encoding and transmission of signals in the IFF Mark X (SIF) system.

The AN/APX-46(V) is similar to the AN/ APX-37 in operation. It employs the same control panels as the AN/APX-37

    APX-49 IFF Interrogator - The prime purpose of the AN/APX-49 is to challenge the identity of targets that are detected and displayed by Radar Set AN/APS-95 operating with the interrogator set. The AN/APX-49 distinguishes between friendly targets and enemy targets and provides a more detailed recognition of friendly targets for additional security and tactical information.
The AN/APX-49 is used with AN/APS-20B, APS-95 and USQ-25.

ASQ-8 MAD - The AN/ASQ-8 is designed to detect submerged submarines from low-flying aircraft. The presence of a submarine is indicated by deflections in inked trace on the paper chart of a recording meter.
Range: 1000 ft approx
Components: ID-378/ASQ-8, AM-579/ASA-8, MT-993/ASA-8, C-934/ASA-8, DT-37/ASQ-8, AM-294/ASQ-8, MT-776/ASQ-8, 0-90/ASQ-8, AM-295/ASQ-8, y PP-447/ASQ-8, RD-47/ASQ-8, MT-B30/ASQ-8, C-820/ASQ-8, SA-181/ASQ-8, CN-191/ASQ-8, MX-1361/ASQ-8
Technical Manual: AN16-30ASQ8-3
    ASQ-10 MAD -

    OA-3369/APX-7 IFF Decoder - Decoder Group OA-3369/APX-7 is a selective identification feature (SIF) decoding equipment designed for use in an airborne Mark X IFF system and is comprised of three units: Pulse Decoder, Video Decoder and Control Indicator. Translation and read out of digital SIF codes are an integral function. Numerical display of code designations for three targets replying from a preset challenge sector is provided. The challenge sector is delimited by controls and circuitry within the Decoder Group units.
    S3 Shipborne
    AN/CPT-2 Life Raft beacon transmitter - The Radar Set AN/CPT-2 is a self-contained, lightweight beacon transmitter for use in a one (1) man life raft. The radar set has as effective range of from 12 to 18 miles. It operates in the frequency of 176 megacycle (mc).

Related Equipment: The AN/CPT-2 is designed to operate with such equipments as Radio Set SCR-729-A, Radar Set AN/ APN-12, Radar Set AN/APN-10, Radio Set SCR-521, Navy ASE, British MK 11. (Equipment Required but not Supplied) (1) Frequency Meter BC-96-C or BC-906-D; (1) Test Set TS-35; (1) Cathode Ray Oscillograph RCA-158 or equivalent; (2) Battery BA-30 (1.5v); (1) Battery BA-38 or BA-38B (103.5v or 93.6v).
Ref 9. YouTube: OZ1GEO's magnificent radio museum. Part 1, 11:36 - @6:20: APX-6 inside shows 1B40 tube removed.



Vintage Avionics.nl - APX-6 -
JProc.ca: APX-6 IFF Unit -
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