Shakespeare 120 HF Antenna


Brooke Clarke, N6GCE 2004 - 2023

Hints & Tips
    4257 Sugar Scoop
    Tilt Whip Adapter
    Military Antenna Tripod
8 ea. 120
                  Elements 4245 Base w/Plunger
MX-9313 NVIS Base
                  on 4245
AT-1011 Tilt Whip
8 Ant. Elements
4245 Base w/ Plunger Up
allowing spring to flex
MX-9313 NVIS Base on
4245 Spring Base
Tilt Whip Adapter
for NVIS use of either
the 16' or 32' whips
AT-1011 base SC-C160410
base SC-C160410
Witch's hat
                  Antenna Tripod
Military Antenna Tripod
Mystery Can  Let me know what it is.
AT-1011 Mystery Can


This is a military antenna system where the radiating elements are each 4 feet long and can be combined to make a 16 or 32 foot long antenna.
Each antenna element has a female thread at the bottom and a male thread at the top.  Harris may sell this antenna as their SB-V35F.

The base antenna element uses 1-8 threads formed into the sheet metal. 


The elements are shown in the table in their order top to bottom

Model NSN
Tip element AT-1039/U 120-20
Second element AT-1040/U 120-2
Third element AT-1041/U 120-34
Forth element AT-1042/U 120-8
Extension element AT-1043/U 120-14
Flange Basse
SC-C160410 120-28
8 elements
Guy Rope Kit
1 level
120-59 na
Ground Radial Kit
Ground Stake Kit na
120-48 na
Spring Base
AB-1335/G 4245 5985-00-267-2752
Adapter NVIS Tilt Whip 4282 5985-01-422-8525
Shelter Mounting 4240-30 5985-01-514-4515
Sugar Scoop Bracket
SCD-189023 4257 5985-01-514-4396
Transportable Ant Kit
Stationary Ant Kit 32'
AT-1011(U) 120-55 5985-00-846-6442
Eye Protector na
HV Protection Kit
120-HVPDR na

Hints & Tips


This is a whip antenna that does not have any 50 Ohm matching circuits.  It needs to be fed with a short high voltage wire from the antenna terminal.
Do not use a coax cable since that will add capacity which may confuse the antenna tuner.

AM-6545 High Voltage
                  RF Cable FP156853 For example the cable used on the GRC-193
Conn:  SM-C-S029 I 2
Cable: CX-10171/U


Use Scotchbrite to clean all the male antenna element threads.  No lubrication is needed on the mating threads. 
During this process I found that the metal forming the male thread on one of the base antenna elements had a couple of hairline cracks about 180 degrees apart.  The hairline crack is not a problem.

Installation of 32' Antenna

Start with the 4245 spring base firmly attached to a vehicle or structure.

Take Down

Reverse the above steps.  This means unlock the base so the spring is flexible and bend the antenna over and start taking it apart at the tip end, working back to the base.


SCD-189023 Sugar Scoop aka Shakespeare 4257

Shugar Scoop w/
              3 Muffler "U" brackets

The plan is to mount the bracket on a pipe or fence post in the ground, install an elevated radial system and use this antenna with the SGC antenna coupler.

Standard 2" muffler "U" bolts have the correct center to center distance, but the sugar scoop holes needs to be slightly enlarged.  A 5/16 Drill is a good choice.  Since the 4245 Antenna base does not protrude down into the sugar scoop 3 "U" bolts can be used and the supporting pipe can be on the inside of the bracket.  The 4 holes in the top of the sugar scoop are 7/16" diameter and are the standard military antenna base hole pattern.
I was going to do this with the Light Weight Beacon antenna, but it did not survive winter winds.

Tilt Whip Adapter

The bottom tube has no internal threads, it just slips over the base.  This way the antenna can be rotated freely then the clamp locks the rotation.  Typically for radio operation the antenna would point to the back, but for driving on the street the antenna would point to the front and be tied down.   Weight 6 pounds.  Extremely strong construction.

Military Antenna Tripod

67032 ASSY
MFR 53892

When the legs are retracted the overall length is about 33".
When the legs are folded out and with the lock pins are holding them in both directions the height from the top to ground is about 24" and the holes in the shoe plates are about 46" center to center.  The top plate is 6" diameter and has three holes on a 4.5" diameter bolt circle with 90 degrees between them.  The center hole is a little less than 3.5" I.D.  The shoe plates are 4 x 4.15" with a through hole a few thousandths smaller than 1/2"


A 500 watt tactical HF vertical antenna system by W7KF AT-1011 + RF-382 tuner + Tripod + RF-382-Ham Radio Interface

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