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Web Pages

Aircraft Clocks -
A.L.I.C.E. - All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment
Alpha - web page listing almost all the other web pages in alphabetical order
AltaVista BabelFish web page translator - input the from and to languages and the URL
Antennas -
Audio Connectors & Cloning - Fill - Retransmission - U-229 Audio Accessories - Photos of Mil Audio Accessories - U229 Modes
Batteries - TS-183 Large Table of Mil batteries with where used and replacement numbers 5590BA - Chargers - Battery Top Power Supply
Black Box - transmits a digital code word for an unknown reason
Connectors -
Crystals -
Crypto Machines -
Cryptography & Electronic Warefare -
Digital Radio Modes -
Digital Retro Trubo Encabulator
Distributors -
Electronic Construction Techniques - point to point wiring with vacuum tubes to multilayer boards with ASICs
Flashlight battery history (Leclanché) - Flashlight Patents & Photos
Frequencies -work in progress
Generators, AC Power-
Hints & Tips - What goes wrong
IR Beacons - most powered by a single 9 Volt battery
Low Band VHF Antennas -
Microwave Test Equipment - 1960 - 1990 when I was using it
Military Actions - a Time Line
Military Field & Technical Manuals - How to Get On Line, FM, TM, NIIN, CAGE number lookup Making pdf docs
Military Radios
Military Surplus Dealers - Hardware
Military Surplus Personal Home Pages - Information
Military Test Equipment - Excel based, borders look OK in IE and are missing in Netscape 4.78
Military Vehicles -
Mini Machine Tools - 8" Mini Shear Break -
Navigation Orientation & Position -
New Flavored Google
Outdoor Intrusion Detectors -
Optics - Day & Night Viewing + Visable & IR Light Sources
Packaging for Shipment -
Pocket Tools - multipurpose
Photography -
PRC-68 Family of Squad Radios
Probability of Intercept & Time to Intercept -
Products for SalePRC68.COM - Starting with a number of Battery Adapters, email Brooke your needs?
Rack mounting - 19" rack standards
Radar Warning Receivers -
Radiation Detectors
Radios VHF Low Band, GRA-71 related, HF
Radiation Detectors -
Survival Equipment -
Telegraph Equipment -
Telephone -
TEMPEST - CEI (WJ) receivers
Time Lines - General Electronics - Military Actions (wars)
Time & Frequency
VIC - Vehicle Inter Communication & VRC-12 Series Radios
Want, Trade, Sell - not up to date
Weather -


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