SG-1144/U Signal Generator

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This Signal generator is of solid state construction and has continous frequency coverage from 50 kHz to 80 MHz.
It has a built in frequency counter and AM and FM modulation.  The RF output can be set from 100 nano Volts to 1 Volt into 50 Ohms.


The SG1144U arrived DOA and that's how it was sold on eBay.  I have seen a couple more of these DOA on eBay so maybe there is a design problem, or a common mode of abuse?

The C3 tantalum capacitor on the A2A2 board was shorted.  This caused a couple of the diodes feeding it to draw excess current blowing the 1A line fuse within about a second of turning on the power.  Steps in troubleshooting were:

After replacing 4 diodes and 2 caps (RS 276-1102 1N4003 , RS 272-1434A 1 uF - 35WVDC) SG1144U appears to be working.


The next step to to see how well calibrated this sig gen is.
Photo of Logimetrics Model 920-S101 (looks to be the same sig gen)


TM 11-6625-2954-14&P contains 243 pages including extensive troubleshooting and maintenance information with schematics & a couple of color photos.

TM 11-6625-2954-24P is the 138 page parts manual with detailed informatin on all the parts.
Both of these manuals have had all the bookmarks changed from things like "CHAPTER 6" to Ch 6 Fundamentals of Operation" and the page view for each bookmark has beem optimized so that you see the target paragraph, not just get to the right page, making it much much easier to use the manuals.

Both manuals available on CD-ROM for $15.00 plus postage.
The Buy Now button allows use of charge cards my means of PayPal.
U.S. mailing address $ 15.60

International Air Mail  $ 16.70


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