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ARN-89 Aircraft Low Frequency DF Set Parts

R-1496/ARN-89 Radio receiver, Direction finding, 100-3000 KHz, AM CW
AM-4859/ARN-89 Amplifier, Impedance matching

MK-994/AR Test Facilities Kit (includes the ID-1351 indicator and a C-7392? control panel

AS-2108 Connectors magnified two different ones in photo - the O.D. of the connectors is 0.285", the I.D. inside the white dielectric is about 0.143"  WHAT ARE THESE & WHERE TO GET MATING CONNECTORS?

Outdoor Intrusion Detector Related

AS-2524/USQ-46 Whip Antenna -
AS-2542/GSQ-160 Antenna NSN 5840-00-116-6015
AS-2549 antenna  (and it's TM 11-5895-750-12)
BA-1546()/U Battery NSN 6350-00-182-7626
CX-12313/U A.C. Power cable FSN 5995-177-3699
CX-12312/U 27VDC Power Cable
ID-1721/USQ-46 Indicator
USQ-46(_/A) Radio Frequency Monitor Set -

Radio Receiving Set AN/TRQ-23 & Antenna Group OE-4/GR

MX-6334/GR Legs, Electrical Equipment (Tripod)
TG-176/GR Drive, Antenna, Fixed
TG-177/GR Drive, Antenna, Portable
CG-4096G/U (100'0") Cable Assembly, Antenna to Receiver (RF)
CX-11953/U (100'0") Cable Assembly Control to Drive
CX-11952/U (5'0") Cable Assembly, Control to Indicator


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