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AN/ Designation System

AN/ Designation System

1st Letter
2nd Letter
3rd Letter
invisable light, heat radiation (IR)
Auxiliary Assembly
Drone, missile
Detection of radiation
DF, Recon & Surv
Ejection - Release
Fixed, ground
Fiber Optic
General ground
Teletype Telegraph
Fire Control
Recording - Reproducing
Interphone & PA
Electromechanical na
Amphibious Telemetering Computing
Countermeasures na
Mobile ground
Meteorological Maintenance or Test
Sound in Air Navigation
na na
Radar na
Sonar and Underwater Sound Special
Radio Receiving
Surface ship
Special or Combination Search
Transportable ground
Telephone (Wire) Transmitting
Vehicle ground
Visual, Visible Light na
Water surface& below
Armament Remote Control
Fax or Television na
Data Processing target detecting and tracking
Airborne combined
Communications Secure

also see: Directory of Communications-Electronic Equipment JANAP 161, March 1953 

10-70 Repeater Assn. - USS Ling SS-297 Submarine -
9033 on the web -

AAFRadio - U.S. Aircraft Avionics from 1939 to 1945 - some Old Crows stuff
Adam Farson - tube mil radios, mostly British -
Air Force MARS -
Air Force Rome Lab - History -
All Data Sheets - only works with IE, not Netscape
AM Web ring -
AM Window - Zener Diode Negative Peak Limiter -
AM6155 VHF+ Conversion Repository by N1RWY J.Baack -
AN/PRC-68 Legacy by Alan D. Tasker, WA1NYR
AN/PRC-90 Legacy by Alan D. Tasker, WA1NYR
Angrynine - AN/GRC-9 - -
Antique Radio Archives - a number of pdf docs on tube equipment
Antique Radio Webring
ANTIQUE WIRELESS ASSOCIATION, INC. - Museum exhibits - Old Timers Bulletin - - & Cable lacing -
Army Air Force Collection - Great manuals on line
Army Communicator - archives then special edition = "the Signal Corps in World War II"
Army MARS -
Army Radio List Server info -
Australian Army Land-Rovers in South Vietnam by Registry of Ex-Military Land-Rovers (REMLR)

B-52 Analog Computer System -
BC-221 Frequency Meter and using with Boat Anchors
Barometer Fair - weather instruments
Bags, Boxes, Cabinets, Cases, Chests, Covers, etc. - Identify the canvas,or other container
Boat Anchors for Your viewing pleasure. -
BC-611-F by Crusty old Joe Stevens
Bill's Ham Radio WWW Server - Tube data, Mil List and much more Bill NJ7P (this one is based on manuals)
Buzz's Military Vehicle and Radio Pages - some stuff for sale

California Historical Radio Society - flea markets at Foothill College, mostly vintage broadcast band radios
Catalog of Electronics Aboard USS Pampanito - late WWII sub - excellent web pages
CEI & WJ Information -
Chinese Mirror Site - Radio1, Radio2, Radio3, Radio4, Radio5, Radio6,Battery1, Battery2, Battery3, Battery4,
Chinese Type 102E HF Radio Set - Unpacking boxes - based on GRC-9
Circuits of Victory - signal Corps Museum
Collecting Military Radios by WB4TUR
Collins R388/URR Receiver Resource Page by Philip Neidlinger
Communications Museum by Ray Robinson
Communications Receivers - seems like all tubes, by Philip I. Nelson
Communications Shelters - a collection of personaly owned com  shelters

Dave Prince - Military Radio Collection -
Dave Ross -Real Radios Have MotorsWants, Trades -
Deployment and Reception of Supplies (French) - Paraset receiver-transmitter weighed only 3 kilograms - schematic - nice Tx poor Rx
Designations Of U.S. Military Electronic And Communications Equipment by Andreas Parsch with a page for each 3 letter designation!!
Dewayne 'Duck' Moore's ARC-5 Homepage -
Divisional Signal Company Royal Engineers -
Drake Equipment by Sindre Torp

Early Military Communication Researchers - Crypto  (no longer see the Confederate Cipher Disk)
Elektor Electronics magazine - UK does PCBs and software

Federal Signal and Ironworks - photos & manuals
Foundation for German communication and related technologies -
Frederick W. Chesson - nomenclature systems
Freitas's Homepage - Mil radios and some crypto machines

Getting the Message Through - On line book about Signal Corps. Civil war through the Gulf war
Glossary, Military Rado Data: Carry methods, abbreviations described - PRC list
Gray-Green Radio by IK0MOZ
GRC-9-Fr Radio Equipment by Andy Carter
GRC-46 U.S.Army Radio Teletypewriter Set by David Youse
Green Radio Germany - Private Sammlung militärischer Funkgeräte - Circuit to replace Russian Battery Supply -
Greenradio - G4NCE UK
Greg Goebel / In The Public Domain - Greg worked for HP Colorado and had some involvment with HP RMB
- Vietnam US Radio Equipment - US Radio Communicatons - Delta Mike 2 -

Harris RF-3090 -
Hewlett Packard Vintage Archive - great site for HP stuff including catalogs
History of Communications-Electronics in the United States Navy, by Captain Linwood S. Howeth, USN (Retired).  657 pages
Home-made "Agent Radio ©2001 Peter McCollum -
Hyperbolic Radionavigation Systems by Jerry Proc VE3FAB

JA3HZE MilitaryRadio Club -
Janes Avionics 1999-2000 - broken link
Japanese Radio Military Surplus Club Kanagawa Signal Group - in Japanese, use Bable Fish or Google
Jerry Proc VE3FAB - radio & crypto stuff
Joao Freitas's Homepage - Portugal, a number if interesting mil radios
Journal of Tube Audio Circuit Design - June 2000 Regulator tubes -

KC5IJD - PRC-68 - PRC-47 -
Keiths Vintage RACAL Enthusiasts Site -
Kmec - eBay - microwave & other stuff
Kurrajong Radio Museum - nice ocverage of some tube mil and aircraft radios
Kursk Salvage - lifting a Russian Nuclear sub

LA6NCA - WW2 German Radio Page -
Latest Updated Versions of Featured Articles by Alan Tasker & Dennis Starks

Man-packs (Portable radios) by Prem VU2JMX - Redifone GR345, GE524
Maritime Radio Historical Society - N. Calif coast station KPH
Mark's Green Radio Page - Sources for Military Technical Manuals -
MaxiMog - Mercedes Benz Unimog with HF, VHF and UHF radios
Welcome to node MEWTOO - assorted mil stuff including vehicle and radio manuals
Mirko Old Radio Collection - many mil packsets including detailed info on the RU-20 (PRC-515)
Mike Heltborg W7NPA - nice photos of GRC-9,-19, PRC-47, TCS, ART-13,  BC-348
Military Commo Equipment List by Tom Norris
Military Collector Group Post - backmails - PRC-25, FORGOTTEN LEGEND; By Dennis Starks, Backmail #46 Off the shelf Prick's,
Military Communications Equipment List - Handy to look up military nomenclatures like PRC68
MILITARY RADIO COLLECTORS GROUP West Coast with SLO info (MRCG)- (new 17 Nov 2k)
Military Radio and Boat Anchors - K4CHE - 5300 battery tray
MILITARY RADIO AND VEHICILE LOCATOR - many links to this type of page
Military Radios - Japanese - Long list of radios and a very good photograph of most
Military Radios - by Roy, many photos
Military Surplus Hot Sheets - on line calssifieds
Military Television Equipment Built by RCA - Photos -
Military Vehicle Preservation Association -
Military Wireless in the Midlands by Ben Nock -
Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph (Book) 1872, by Frank L. Pope
MRCA (Military Radio Collectors Association) Homepage -
Museum Of Telegraph And Scientific Instruments -

Nadcom - Data Communications Technology
Nakamura's Homepage - Japan
Naval Technical Board - a sub page of Warships1 -
Navy-Marine Corps MARS - Technical Library & Equipment Modifications -
Navy RBZ receiver by Tony I0JX - with a 4 "D" cell to 67.5 power supply that fits in the space of a 67.5 V battery
Nekaf JEEP (M38 A1) -  FM-3600 Radio Installation -
North American Data Communications Museum (NADCOMM) -
North Norfolk Amateur Radio Group at the Muckleburgh Collection

Old Radio - Japan, tube radios & the floating GRR-5
Olive-Drab - Military Communications and Electronics -
Online Personal Museum of Military Radios - Spy Radios - Tubes By Antonio Fucci
On Line Radio Trader - classified ads
One Electron - Military Radio Equipment Schematic Diagrams - mostly BC- and R- models, but a few others
Ottawa Vintage Radio Club - Antique Radio Webring  -

Pete McCollum's page - U.S. Clandestine Radio Equipment -
PolyPhaser Corporation - Lightning Protection - Book - Links & Photos -
PRC-117 Quick Reference Pocket Guide -
PRC-64A- can use the GRA-17

Quarter Century Wireless Association On-Line Amateur Radio Museum -

Racal Equipment List .pdf -
Radio Bygones - magazine both web nad hard copy
Radio Stations Common?  Not This Kind by Spurgeon G. Roscoe
Radio Systems Aboard HMCS Haida by Jerry Proc -
Radios Are Great!!! by Francesco Ledda
Ray Robinson - Austraillian Radios - Museum of restored equipment - Wants and Trades - Plug (connector) List -
Real Radios Have Motors - many mil radios explained and links
R-390A Frequently Asked Questions Page -
R390A/URR -
Real Radios Have Motors by Dave Ross   N7EPI
Richard Lacroix's Military Communications Home Page-
Richard's Collection Web Page -
RigPix - Photos of some radios
RKK Radio Museum Exhibits - Russian, but some English placards (watch URL as you mouse over to get to more info)
ROMAD - NSNs - ham rtty pages
Russian Nitel Factory History - BableFish Translation -

Saorbats - Argentina - old site in English
SB 11-131-2 Vehicular Radio Sets and Authorized Installations Volume (070469.pdf) 231 pgs.
Schematics of Military Radio Equipment -
Signals Collection '40-'45 -
Silicon Valley Surplus Sources - Including Electronic Flea Markets
SEM-25 Transceiver - 26.00 to 69.95 MHz, in 50 kHz steps
SEM 52A Information - 2 VHF Xtal controlled channels. on the Army Radio Sales Co. site
Signal Corps Association Reenactors' Division -
Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada (SPARC) - military collection of SPARC -
Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation (SMEDD) - IFF virtual museum -
Steve Hill's VK4CZT Military Radio Page -
Steve Green's Military Radios -
Summer of 44 by Tim - UK Re-enactment web Ring -
Surplus Radio Society - U.S. mirror site - nice Links -

Tactical Air Control Parties Equipment - by The Nomad Locator - Equipment Photos -
Tactical Communications Procedures -
Tactical Link Systems - Army Radios - NVISALE -
Team-Signal -
Teletypwriter Systems - extensive info on these
Transportable Hardwall Shelters - Army Shelters -
TSC-15 "Communications Central" - description & photos by Dave Ross   N7EPI - real radios have motors (and wheels)
TV-7 Tube Tester by EB5AGV

UGC-74 Wiring diagrams by Buzz
Universal Inverter Power Supply, Part I;
U.S. Clandestine Radio Equipment -
U.S. Military Portable Radios - Squad, gnd. force, FAC, SF, SAR, guard (but missing Sat Com). comment
U.S. Navy LM Series Crystal Calibrated Frequency Indicating Equipment by Ken Corwin, KF6NUR and FREQUENCY METER SET SCR-211-(*),
USSR Military Tube Transistor Radio Gallery -

Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society - scanning mostly UK manuals and other info
Vintage Broadcast Microphones-
Vintage Avionics - TACAN, IFF, ILS, Coms, USB

WIRELESS SET NO. 19 - a lot of information on this radio set
Wireless Set No. 19 Yahoo Group - On line manuals for many different tube equipments
Vintage Military Radio Site Ring -
WA4KCY - photo of BC-611 collection
WWII Military Radio Information -
WA7NPA'S Radio Page - PRC-47 - TCS Radio Set  -
WJ & CEI Information -
Wammes Green Radios by Wammes Witkop - German SEM 25 and SEM 35 family
Warthog Territory - A-10 info (When the A-10 was in design the tank people said they had trouble knocking out tanks with 105 mm guns, yet the A-10 has a small 30 mm gun.  It turns out that because of the high rate of fire, one of the 30 mm rounds hits a weak point and that's that.)
WaveGuide  Electronics - eBay by
WB5PKN's Green Radios Page -
WB6FZH-Greg Greenwood's Classic & Military Radios - boatanchors
William L. Howard Technical Intelligence Museum -
Wireless for the Warrior by Louis Meulstee

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