Honda 2000 Odyssey Get Radio Serial Number

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After 11 years the battery needed to be replaced.  When DC power is no longer getting to the radio and GPS Navi system they need a code number to work again.  This is an anti theft measure, but makes for a problem when you can't find the serial numbers on the van and can't find the origional paper work with them.  The dealer wants 1 hour of labor to get the radio serial number.  But you do not need to disconnect the radio electrically to see the serial number.

A local dealer wanted 1 hour of shop time to pull the radio so the unlock code could be determined.   If you know what you're doing and have a flat blade and Philips screwdriver you can probably do it in under 10 minutes.


Put on the parking brake and put the shift lever all the way down.
Click on photo to see larger version.
If the cursor is a (+) then click again for an even larger photo.

(The gear shift is in the way as shown, it needs to be moved all the way dow.)

Remove the blank filler plug (A) using a small flat blade screwdriver.
Use the hole to pull the panel out a little so a big flat blade screwdriver can be used
to pry the center dash panel so it's no longer fixed to the dash.  But, there are three
cables that hold the center panel and they need to be removed by squeezing the release.
2000 Honda
                  Oddyssey Radio GPS Navi Dash Panel Removal

The rear climate Control switch connector that stays with the van has a release button (C) that needs to be pressed
to remove it from the back of the center dash panel.
This is the one to the upper right of the radio.
2000 Honda
                  Oddyssey Radio Removing Center Dash Panel Connectors

The dome light switch connector that stays with the van is to the lower right of the radio.
Press the button (D) to release it.
2000 Honda
                  Oddyssey Radio Removing Center Dash Panel Connectors

The emergency flasher switch connector is at the upper left of the GPS panel.
Press the release button (E) to release it.
2000 Honda
                  Oddyssey Radio Removing Center Dash Panel Connectors

The Radio and Navi GPS can now be moved out and tipped so the yellow serial number
label can be read to an assistant who can read it back to confirm it's correct.

Write the GPS & Radio serial numbers (not the unlock code) into the owners manual.
If someone steals the radio or GPS unit they will have easy access to the serial numbers,
so there's no comprimise of security by writing them in the owners's manual.

Then go to the Honda Code web page (with your VIN, zip code, telephone number and
serial numbers for both the Radio and Navi GPS) and the their unlock codes.

2000 Honda
                  Oddyssey Radio & Navi GPS showing Radio Serial

With the radio showing Code 6 you need to press a number key to cycle it back to accepting
the new code.  Rather than pressing a random number, press the first digit of the unlock code.

Confirm that the radio (or GPS Navi) is working.
(If not working then it's easy to look again at the serial number sticker so it can be correctly written down.)

Now install the 6 screws but leave them loose unitl all 6 are installed.
Tighten the 6 screws.
Snap the three connectors into the center panel.
Use the palm of your hand to seat the center panel.
Reinstall the plug with the notch down.
2000 Honda
                  Oddyssey Radio showing an FM station


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