KY-864/U Encoder/Decoder-Analog/Digital

©Brooke Clarke, N6GCE

KY-864/U Encoder/Decoder


Aircraft ATU  type Rack instrument

Front panel 7.75" high 2.25" wide by about 12.5" deep
Cast Aluminum frame, left and right covers have machined grooves with steel woll type RFI gaskets.
This is a mil spec 883B product.

Front Panel

4 each TNC(f) jacks J1, J2, J3 and J4
guessing 4 each coax analog inputs or a mix of inuts and outputs
J5 is a Bendix  ????A35P E122754
Digital output(s)? Digital intputs?
J6 is a Bendix MS27508E12F8P
This appears to be the DC power input connector.  It has 5 wires going through inline through bulkhead filters.

Analog left side

the "Encoder/Decoder-Analog through hole descriete component printed circuit board has a QA stamp that's a square with "ESL 10".
6 circuits all the same with a 711 op amp paired with a LM118 opamp and a 2N222 many of these appear to be glass cased resistors.
3 LH2111 Dual Voltage comparator ICs leading to a cable that connects the analog board to the Digital board.
2 each Harris 16 pin DIP ICs: one marked 11-5048-5 and the other marked 11-5048-5
The can side of  three TO-3 voltage regulators marked
LM109K = +5 Volt regulator
LM120K-12 = -12 Volt regulator
7812KMQB = +12 volt regulator

Digital right side

74 series DIP ICs on a single large board
seperate smaller board labeled opto isolator in close proximity to the pins on the three TO-3 voltage regulators.
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