Wire Splicing Kit

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Tool, cart. & canvas case


This is a crimping tool set NSN 5975-00-675-2183 designed for splicing WD-1 and other telephone field wires.  It consists of:
8105-00-810-9875 Bag Cotton 1
$17.66 GSA
5975-00-659-9905  Magazine 4
$16.83 S9G
5940-00-818-1774 Sleeve Splicing kit 1
$36.73 S9G
5120-00-679-2380 Splicing Sleeve, Compressing  Tool 1
$713.00 GSA

Note that WD-1 wire is steel cored and is very difficult to splice using techniques designed to work on pure copper wires.  If you don't have a splicing kit the only practical way I've found for connecting WD-1 is using a screw, nut and a couple of washers for each conductor and make a mechanical connection on a couple of small loops.

The splice used with this kit is a cylindrical sleeve where the centerlines of the two wires are in line.  It is not for the 3M™ Scotchlok™ beanie type plastic splices.

The Bag uses the old bent wire type of belt attachment, not the more modern ALICE clips.


How to get the magazines to fit into the tool?  ans: just push them in, it takes some force.

Is there a commercial splice that can be loaded into the magazines?
Henry Products Div of Cardwell Condenser Corp, Lindehurst, NY (631) 957-7200 is listed as a supplier CAGE code 82204
but I haven't been able to figure out their prat number.

Splice Description

Mk-356 Splice SleeveFound some splices to go with the MK-356.  They are copper sleeves 0.187" diameter x 0.84" long with a 0.009' wall thickness.  Inside there's a plastic tube with an I.D. of 0.1" and an O.D. of 0.1625" that are 0.800" long.  Inside this is another Copper tube that's about 0.325" long with an I.D. of abut 0.0625" that accepts the two wires to be spliced.

The splice at left has been taken apart to show the inside plastic sleeve with it's short copper inner sleeve.  The Quarter for scale and another complete splice sleeve standing on end.

WD-1 Field Wire

WD-1 is specified in MIL-DTL-49104A.  Each wire is composed of 4 Copper and 3 Steel strands each 0.011" in diameter.  Insulated by high density polyethelene. The diameter of a single wire is 0.070".  Two wires are joined by a web of the insulation forming a dumbbell that's 0.135" along the major axis. The bundle of 7 conductors fits into a circle 0.033" in diameter so two of these fit inside a splice sleeve with little room to spare.


What TM covers using the MK-356/G?


PS Magazine

You Can Call Me Wire -
FM 24-20
Task No. 113-588-4026   Repair Field Wire Using Wire Splicing Kit MK-356(*)/G
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