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M151, VRC-12
        & KY-57


Brief Jeep History


In 1941 Jeep production started for W.W. II.  These were made my Kaiser and later by Willys and Ford. 


Starting September 1950 to 1953 the M38 Jeep was made with a total production of 61,423.
The M38A1 started production in April 1952 and stopped in 1968.  101,488 of the M38A1 were made.


In 1960 the Military Unit Tactical Truck M151 MUTT was introduced.  Over 150,000 were made.


The HHMMWV (Hummer) started in 1984, although it not fair to say it replaced the MUTT all the prior "Jeeps" were 1/4 Ton vehicles and the HHMMWV is a 5 Ton vehicle.

Title Image

In the title image above of an M151 with the VRC-12 VHF low band squad radio setup and the KY-57 communications security device the radio equipment is installed on the road side.  This is not the normal place since with both the driver and the radio on the road side the vehicle is heavy on the left and more prone to tipping over.  For much better balance the radio is normally placed on the curb side.  If an officer would be riding in the vehicle  most of the time then this road side placement is desired so the officer can operate the radio controls.  The long antenna whose base is mounted high up is the AS-1729 used for both transmit and receive.  The shorter antenna is used for the R-442 receiver.

My Interest

My interest in the M151 came about when looking for a vehicle as an accessory to a Squad Radio system that would include the KY-57 communications security device and a PRC-77 radio in a VRC-64 configuration.


M151A2, nice restored condition, no ROPS, with canvas top. 
Best with no radio equipment, but a proper installation on the curb side would be OK.  Let me know what you've got.
This is aimed at making a complete GRC-206 system.
PRC104 GRC-206
MT6250 Mount & related equipment



TM 9-2320-218-34 (January 1972)
Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual

TM 9-2320-218-34P   Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Repair Parts and Tools Lists for
Truck, Utility: 1/4-Ton, 4X4, M151 (NSN 2320-00-542-4783),
M151A1 (2320-00-763-1092),
M151A2 (2320-00-177-9258),
M151A2 W/ROPS (2320-01-264-4819)
Truck, Utility  1/4-TON, 4X4, M151A1C (2320-00-763-1091),
M825 (2320-00-177-925 106MM Recoiless Rifle;
Truck, Ambulance, Frontline: 1/4-Ton, 4 (2310-00-782-6056), M718A1 (2310-00-177-9256)

TM 9-2320-218-34-1 (August 1982)
Direct Support and General Support Maintenance

TM 9-2320-218-20-1-2 (May 1982)
Organizational Maintenance

TM 9-2320-218-10      Operator (driver)
TM 9-2320-218-20      Organisational Maintenance
TM 9-2320-218-20P   Organisational Parts List
TM 9-2320-218-34)     Direct and General Support Maintenance
TM 9-2320-218-34P   Direct and General Support Parts List
LO 9-2320-218-12      Lubrication Order


MWO 9-2320-218-34 Installation of RollOver Protection System (1/4 Ton Vehicles M151A2)

TB 9-4940-325-30 Shop Equipment, Contact Repair Shop, Light; Organizational Main Installation in one M151A2 1/4-Ton, 4X4, Utility Truck (NSN 4940-00-209-6219)

Radio & Electronics Installations

TM 11-2300-476-14&P  Installation Kits, Electronic Equipment:
    MK-2442/GRC-213 for Armored Personnel Carrier-M113A1 (NSN 5820-01-189-9791)
    MK-2443/GRC-213 for Utility Truck-M151A1 (5820-01-189-9792)
    MK-2444/GRC-213 for Cargo Truck-M561 (5820-01-189-9788)
    MK-2445/GRC-213 for Command Carrier Post-M577A1 (5820-01-189-9793)
    MK-2446/GRC-213 for Truck-M882 or M1008A1 CUCV (5820-01-189-9789)
    MK-2447/GRC-213 for General Purpose Wheeled or Tracked Vehicles (5820-01-189-9790)
    MK-2542/GRC-213 for Cargo/Troop Carrier M998/M1038 HMMWV (5820-

TM 11-2300-475-13&P-3  Installation Kit, Electronic Equipment MK-2461/GRC-193A (NSN 5820-01-189-979 in Utility Truck, 1/4 TON, 4X4,     M151, M151A1, OR M151A2 for Radio Set AN/GRC-193A 

TB 11-2300-480-12  Installation Kit, Electronic Equipment MK-2564/VRC-97 and MK-2565/VRC-97 Installation Procedures for
    Truck, Type B, Cargo, Tactical, 5/4 Ton, 4X4, (CUCV), M1008A1;
    Truck, Type A, Utility, Tactical 3/4 TON, 4X4, (CUCV), M1009;
    Truck Utility, Cargo/Troop Carrier, 1 1/4 Ton, 4X4 (HMMWV), M998;
    Truck Utility, Armor Carrier, Armerored, 1 1/4 Ton, 4X4 (HMMWV), M1025;
    Truck Utility, 1/4 Ton, M151A2; Tracked Vehicle, Armored Personnel Carrier, M113A2, M113A3 Tracked Vehicle, Command Post Carrier, M5     Stand-Alone Field Kit
    & M151

TM 11-6665-362-20&P  AN/VDR-2 Radic Set Installation Kits AN/VDR-2 Radic Set Installation Kits for using Vehicles:
     Installation Kit MK-2574/VDR-2 Vehicle M113A1;
    Installation Kit MK-2012/VDR-2 (NSN 6665-01-161-3838) Vehicle M60A1/M60A3;
    Installation Kit MK-2013/VDR-2 (6665-01-161-3839) Vehicle M151A
    Installation Kit MK-2016/VDR-2 (6665-01-161-3840) Vehicle M1;
    Installation Kit MK-2017/VDR-2 (6665-01-161-3841) Vehicle M2/M3
    Installation Kit MK-2039/VDR-2 (6665-01-161-3842) Vehicle M880;
    Installation Kit MK-2011/VDR-2 . . . ?

TM 11-2300-351-15-2 ?

Air Transportability

TM 55-2320-218-10-2  Air Transportability Guidance: M151 1/4-Ton Truck and M100 1/4-Ton Trailer in CH-47 Helicopter

TM 55-2320-218-10-3 Air Transportability Guidance: Two M151 1/4-Ton Trucks and One 1/4-TON Trailer in CH-47 Helicopter

TM 55-1000-205-20-1   Air Transportability Procedures for M38A1C and M151A1C 1/4-Ton with Mounted 106-MM Recoilless Rifles in CH-47 Helicopter

TM 55-1015-221-10-2 Air Transportability Guidance: External Transport of the 106-MM Recoiless Rifle Mounted on the M151A1C, 1/4-Ton Truck by UH-1B Helicopter


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