Power Supply EMCU 116 12 VDC Input 24 VDC Output

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EMCU-116 12 to 24 Volt Inverter Power Supply
EMCU-116 12 to 24 Volt Inverter Top
EMCU-116 12 to 24 Volt Inverter Bottom Inside
Input and Output grounds are common and isolated from chassis.


This is an inverter to change 12 VDC to 24 VDC at up to 18 Amps. 
This is a way to get military vehicle power in excess of my 3 Amp lab supply.


Military 2 pin DC Power ConnectorsThese connectors shown approximately life size are used for the DC input and output.  They are cutoffs and although I have applied Kroil to the strain relief nut they have not yet got loose so have not been taken apart.  The cables have four conductors.

On the Male connector the wiring is:
A: Red & White
B: Green & Black

On the Female connector the wiring is:
A: Red & White
B: Green & Black

If the wiring is the same as for the CX-4720 DC Power Cable then A is Positive and B is Negative.

Note the connector on the right with the female contacts is the 12 Volt supply and the connector on the left with the male pins accepts the 24 Volt output.  This is the common convention where the load uses male contacts and the source uses female contacts to minimize the chance of shorting the power source.
Military 2 Pin Power Connector Opened

Female Connector: MS 310-8A20 23S (417)
Male Connector:    MS 310-8A20 23P (417)

Right Angle shell: SIZE-22
Note the shell screws to a flange that's not part of the connector, but is free to rotate.
So you can change the angle by loosening the two cable clamp screws and the four screws that connect the right angle housing to the flange on the connector and turning the right angle housing to any angle.

Cable Clamp: AN3057-10

The mating connectors are available from William Perry it's best to phone or write.


eBay seller art-in-part had many of these in Oct 2008.

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