Frederick Electronics 600A BER Tester

Brooke Clarke, N6GCE 2003 - 2020

Frederick 600 BER Tester
F600 back


In order to determine the Bit Error Rate of digital communications systems there is a need to apply a digital test signal that is routed through the communications channel and at the output of the channel count the errors.  The Frederick Electronics 600A system is made using discrete transistors, i.e. the golden age of electronics.  This is a 3 Rack Unit high (5") modular BER test system with the following modules (left to right):


By experimentation I found that if the clock and data from the pattern generator are connected to the clock and data input to the synchronizer and:

Rear Panel

There are a number of screw terminals on the rear panel including some marked Printer.  But it's not clear to me what that means.


Used and operational, but missing the fuse and fuse cap (borrowed form another instrument to test).  The line cors has a break on the outer insulation and should be replaced although the wires themselves are OK.

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