PP-6224B/U 24V Power Supply


Brooke Clarke 2011

PP-6224B On from
                120 VAC source
PP-6224 24V Power
PP-6224 24V Power
PP-6224 24V Power
Home Made AC Power cable CX-11979 (NSN: 5995-00-135-4555)
PP-6224B AC
                Power Cable CX-11979 (NSN: 5995-00-135-4555)
PP-6224B Rear
                Cables w/stock CX-4721
Rear Cables w/stock CX-4721
Harris RF-5051-PS001


These are line powered power supplies that output "24 VDC" so allow using equipment designed for military vehicle use in fixed installations.

The Harris RF-5051-PS001 is much smaller and lighter than the PP-6224.

The PP-6224 allows using vehicular equipment at fixed or airborne  locations where AC power is available
This is a portable power supply that has two outputs that can supply "24 Volt" power at up to 25 Amps total.  It's input can be either AC (115 or 230 VAC & 50, 60 or 400 Hz) or a "24 Volt" battery with automatic switchover to the battery if the AC fails.

My hope is that I can power any one of the radios in the GRC-206 system (GRC-206 on the PRC-104 web page, MT-6250 Mount and details).

The rear panel connectors J3 & J4 can be used to power equipment or to charge a "24 Volt lead acid battery".

Form, Fit & Function interchangeable with PP-2953.

May be similar to the M455-1/GRC-206 Power Source

Harris RF-5051-PS001
115 or 230 50, 60 or 400 Hz
85 - 265 VAC @ 47 - 400 Hz
24 - 32 25 Amps nax
+28 VDC 30 Amps max
7 x 16 x 16
5.5h x 7.5w x 12.8d
94 lbs
17.3 lbs



The DC input and output cables are the standard VRC-12 DC cables like used with the MT-1029

W2 DC Rear Panel Output Cables

No remote sensing, just two active sockets (A: Negative,  B: Positive)
CX-12342/VRC (NSN: 5995-00-466-0217) DC Cable - has standard VRC-12 series 4 socket connector on load end.

Battery Charging Cable (from J3 or J4)

Connector:  MW10M(M)A21 (male pins)
Cable: A10000-04-M03(4/12)?
Terminal Lugs (2 ea): B96906 MS-25036-157
Insulator, Black 76545
Insulator, Red 76645
Clip (2 ea) 7654511A
A Negative
B Positive

J2 DC Front Panel Remote Sensing Output Cable

  The front panel DC conhnector is not the standard VIC-1, but is a special connector that incorporates remote voltage sensing.

    The front panel jack is a PT07C-14-16S. 

Cable: A16600-04-MOS(4/12)5
Connector: B77620 PT06A-14-16P (4 sockets)
Terminal Lugs (2 ea) B96906 MS-25036-157

A&D Positive
B & C Negative

Backup Battery Cable (Batt to PP-6224B-J5)

Connector:  MW10F(M)A21 (Female sockets)
Cable: A10000-04-M03(4/12)?
Terminal Lugs (2 ea): B96906 MS-25036-157
Insulator, Black 76545
Insulator, Red 76645
Clip (2 ea) 7654511A
A Negative
B Positive


For AC operation the CX-11979 (NSN: 5995-00-135-4555)  cable is needed and it attaches to the front panel.  Too bad, because this means that the front panel cover needs to be open.  Attaching to the rear panel would allow closing the front panel cover, but maybe there's a good reason for this, will see once it's running.
The connector on the power cable is the MS3116F-14-5S.  The front panel connector has 3 lugs and an O.D. of 7/8".  See Hints & Tips for AC Wall Outlet Wiring.

When shopping for the cord I looked at ready made 12/3 extension cords with the idea of cutting off the socket, but for less money I could get Oil resistant 12/3 cable (which is more flexible than the yellow or orange plastic cable used to make the ready made extension cords.  Also since you're buying the cable by the foot you can get whatever length makes sense for you.  In this case 20' seemed better than 25' for a ready made cord.
CX-11979 (NSN:
          5995-00-135-4555) A.C. Line cord cable PP-6224B
A & B
AC Line Hot
C & D
AC Line  Neutral

J15 & J16: +28 VDC out standard MW20F(M)A00 mil 24 Volt like on the MT-1029
J17 AC Input Line A & C ground B
3/4" OD (a penny matches the OD), 3-lug, 3 male pins
Mating Connector:  12-3


The fan comes on with the AC power and although noticable is not too objectionable in terms of how loud it is.


No Change
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Ver A
TM 11-6130-266-24P-2 Org, DS & GS Maint Rep Prts & Spcl Tls Lists, PP-6224A/U (NSN: 6130-00-133-5879)
Ver B
TM 11-6130-471-13&P
TM 11-6130-458-14 Operator's, Org, DS & GS Maint Man PS PP-6224B/U (NSN: 6130-01-223-0267) 1 Sep 1988

TM 11-6130-458-24P Org, DS & GS Maint Rep Prts & Spcl Tls Lists, PP-6224B/U (NSN 6130-01-223-0267)

TM 11-6130-458-45 Organizational, Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists for
Power Supply PP-6224B/U (NSN 6130-01-223-0267)

Army TPS User Guide 0011213-200 REV B 03-30-09 - PP-6224 and PP-2953


GRC-206 - MT-6250
VRC-12 System
VIC-1 Intercom
MT-1029 mount for VRC-12 radios
RT-1439 SINCGARS Receiver Transmitter


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