RT-10   ACR-B/2 URC-10
FSN 5821-930-0990
243 MHz Survival Radio

© Brooke Clarke, N6GCE

     Neg    16 VDC   Pos

General Information

"The RT-10 and the URC-10 are the same thing, more or less, except the URC-10 has an external battery. The URC-10 manual covers both radios.  Pulling out the antenna completes the battery circuit. There were many spin offs, RT-20, RT-60, RT-60B2. URC-4B, PRC-93, etc. . . . "        Alan Tasker

This radio can transmit and receive on 243 MHz only.

Might be in the book "SEALs in Vietnam" page 69.


The RT-10 feels very solid in your hand.  I would expect it to work after being run over by a truck.  Very similar in this respect to the PRC-90 radios.  The URC-68, although very capable is a plastic case with signs of many stress cracks, I would not trust it as much.


TM 11-5820-640-15 available on line from ETM covers the URC-10, URC-10A and RT-10.  Contains operation, theory of operation and a number of simplified and well as full schematic diagrams and exploded views.

The RT-278/URC-10 has an extension cable for the battery, probably to keep the BA-1387 Mercury battery warm in cold conditions.
The RT-278A/URC-10 has an extension cable terminating in a connector rather than the battery itself.
The RT-278B/URC-10A looks identical to the RT-10 but the URC-10A has 26 semiconductors and the RT-10 has 18 semiconductors.
The SRU-21/P Survival Vest TM 55-1680-351-10 has a little about the RT-10.


The RT-10 uses either the K308 or K308A battery.
A very old, but still unused battery is marked as follows:
Cardboard box:
Battery Dry D-308A
P/N P4-01-0008
1 each
A/   6/79   & hand written EXP 1/82
ACR Electronics, inc.
Hollywood, Florida


The battery it'self has similar markings but uses the title:  "Battery Power Supply" with no commas and shows a date code of 0679.
When installed in a TS-20 the battery tests totally dead. (Jan 2003)

AN/URM-172 Test Set  6625-832-8551

no info on this set 

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