PRC-68 Series Squad Radio Cloning Cable

NSN 5995-01-201-1391

© Brooke Clarke, N6GCE

Cloning Cable for PRC-68B,
          PRC-126, PRC-128 & PRC-136 Squad Radios


The PRC-68B, PRC-126, PRC-128 and PRC-136 support cloning the channel assignments from one radio to another by means if a passive cable connected between the audio connectors.

          The cloning cable is wired as shown below:

               (ground) A ------ A (ground)
                    47 K Ohm Resistor between A and F
               (FILL)    F--------F (FILL)

          This works on all the PRC-68 series radios with a 6-pin AUDIO connector, but both radios have to be the same model.
          This is a symmetrical cable so that the radio that has PTT pressed becomes the master and the other radio gets reprogrammed.
          27 Jan 2001 - to make the Cloning Cable I used the U-183 connectors from two "RT-1209/PRC-104 to KY-99" cables that are offered
          on eBay.  The cable clamp is available from Newark as their p/n 96F4915.  Alpha Wire 1176C (DS-760914) is a six conductor cable
          that Newark also stocks.

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