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Telephone Tool
Telephone Tool
Telephone Tool


I've been interested in phones for many decades and maybe around 1998 got this kit for use in volunteer work installing and maintaining phones.


Telephone Data Punch Down Tools 66 & 110
The top tool is the Siemon S66BT.
It has two cavities, one for 66 block terminals that are 0.038" thick and another for 0.045" think.
The rotatable bar has one end for cutting wire and the other end for not cutting.
I've set it up for 0.038" thick terminals (that's what's on the 66M1-50 split block) and for cutting wire.
When the blade is removed the handle will swivel open and there's a slot to store a spare blade.

The other tool is the Commercial Electric 898 110 sold by Home Depot.
It comes with a 110 tool that can be reversed, one end for cutting wire and the other for not cutting wire.
There is a hole in the handle to store another blade.
Security Screwdriver (multiple bits)
4846042 Tool Handle with Rotatable Cap, W. Les Wetty, Jul 11, 1989

Comes with 5 double ended bits for 10 drivers.  Very handy.

Siemon S66BT punch down tool
4194256 Wire Installing Tool, The Siemon Company,  Mar 25, 1980, 7/107; 29/566.4; 29/751; 29/758; 29/838; 29/867 - cavities in tool shank, bar is either a cutoff tool or not.
3604092 Connecting Tool, The Siemon Company,  Sep 14, 1971,  29/750; 29/650; D08/14 - cavities in rotating bar


Phones -
Bell System 302 Dial Phone -
Bell System 500 Dial Phone -
Bell system 2500 Touch Tone phone -
EE-8 Telephone Set
TA-1 Sound Powered Telephone Set
TA-312/PT Telephone Set  (Field Phone)
TA-838/TT Telephone Set
TA-1042  Digital Non-Secure Voice Terminal (DNVT)
TG-5-B Telegraph Set
Western Electric 202 Dial phone-

Test Equipment
HP 4395A Network Analyzer with the HP 4380S CAT 5 Cable test System
MK-356/G Wire Splicing Kit
Tempo Sidekick T&N
ZM-4B/U Resistance Bridge
SB-22A  Switchboard
GRA-39 Radio Set Remote
Z Impedance
Z0 - transmission line impedance including CAT5 and Open wire

Telephone Patents -
Telegraph Equipment -
Wet Cell Batteries -
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