Audiopack Sound Systems 360

Public Address Set

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Audiopack Sound
                  Systems 360



Similar to the UIQ-10 Public Address Set.


The main unit is designed to be worn in a horizontal position at the small of the back.  That leaves the front of the body free to carry an instrument in a marching band.

The wall-wart for changing the internal battery (Fig 4)  has a 120/230 VAC switch so can be used worldwide.  The output is 26.8 VDC center positive on a5.5 x 2.3mm power plug.

The battery is missing.  When powered the battery terminals show 10.8 VDC (red positive).  So, maybe it uses a "12 Volt" battery?

NSN: 5830-01-140-8220


Fig 1
                      Sound Systems 360

Fig 2
                      Sound Systems 360

Fig 3
                      Sound Systems 360
Fig 4 Accessories
                      Sound Systems 360


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AN/PIQ-5 Super Hailer, FSN: 5830-688-6633





Supply: 15 VDC (10 each "D" cells)
Audio Equipment Co, Inc., Port Washington, N.Y.


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Bell System 302 Dial Phone - the "I Love Lucy" phone, this is the first phone I can remember.  The first phone to have all the parts in one case.
Bell System 500 Dial Phone - basis for the REN Ring Equivalence Number that's on the label of all modern phones
Bell system 2500 Touch Tone phone -
Beltone 12D Audiometer
CA-67 Interface Unit, Automatic Data Processing  Stardynamic  5895-01-443-5081
Cell Phones
EE-8 Telephone Set
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Harris RF-5980-SA001 Amplified Speaker
Harris TS1000 ADSL Test Set -
Harris TSP-21 Telephone Test Set Plus (like but set, but belt-clip & operators headset
Home Theater - 7.1 Surround Sound - Voice Of The Theater Speakers (very efficient)
HP204 HP 204B Audio Oscillator from HP 3350 Carrier Test Set (AN/USM-181 Telephone Test Set
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HP 4395A HP 4395A Combination Network, Spectrum, Impedance Analyzer includes audio frequencies
HP33120 15 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
HS2B4 Plantronics Supra  -01NC 992C Headset
HS30A HS-30-A Headphones, CD-604 Transformer
HYX-65-1 Wire-line Adapter Local Unit & KY-65
KS-8455L2 Kick Test Set Line Loop Tester Telephone Installers & Repairman's Meter
KY68 KY-68 Secure Field Telephone
LS-147 Intercom
LS454 LS-454/U Loudspeaker
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MAA Military Audio Accessories - tables with thumbnail photos & links to more info.
MATEL 2C800 Field Phone by Racal Acoustics Ltd.
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Sound Powered Telephones and early Loudspeakers.
Spying on Cell (Mobil) Phones
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UIQ10 UIQ-10 Public Address Set
VIC VIC Vehicle Inter Communication & VRC-12 Series Radios
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Phone Service
Western Electric 202 Dial phone- consists of a phone and a "sub set" that's mounted on the wall.
WE 500 Dial Phone -
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Zo Transmission Line Zo vs. Frequency - down to audio



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